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Hello, and building your nerve!


I'm relatively new to triathlon (2 sprints and 1 olympic so far) and loving it. Usually I train on my own and am generally unsociable, however recently I've been for a few rides with neighbours and thought I'd go all out and join a forum

What I've found is that on my few rides with other people I'm fine on the uphills/flats but as soon as it gets to downhill sections I lose my nerve I'm always the first to reach for the brakes and come off the aero bars!

Are there training methods for learning how to take corners at speed?



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hi and welcome

    In a word - confidence

    Similar to me, there were some descents where I would back off the bars but last year I simply hunkered down on the bars on descents and corners. No particular reason why, had a bike fit the year before so can only think with a season under my belt with bike properly set up it all just gelled.

    Keep it up
  • canadacanada Posts: 14
    my problem with down hills is i have no fear,

    but i have slowed down abit after seeing me mate come off in front off me and go across the road on his ass,

    so i say get down in one piece,you dont lose that much time going down hills,i perfer to now work on the up hills where the gains are so much greater
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