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Numb feet!

I have been suffering from numb feet on most of my races. I exit the swim with, usually, numb feet which makes running through transition painful. The numbness usually lasts through the bike leg(olympic distance) and into the run eventually easing off after about 5k. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens and what I can do to combat it?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 52
    The main reason for numbness in foot is caused by a lack of blood supply or some types of damage to the nerves.This can be transient or permanent numbness.
  • I have the same problem. By a process of elimination, I've come to the thought that it is due to the cold rather than anything biomechanical.

    Still haven't cured it totally but I make sure I put some socks on in T1, have taped up the vents on my bike shoes and take a few seconds to stretch my calves on the first free-wheeling section of the bike (not that I freewheel during a race of course )

    I don't get it when I swim train in the pool or when I bike/run independently in training so I have also wondered whether it's race day adrenalin/nerves affecting my blood flow to my extremities.
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