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Hi all,

I'm after some advice - and I know this is a repeating question so forgive me.

I'm looking to upgrade my old (ebay bought) Ridley bike for a new one. I am targeting circa £1000.

Based on what I've read my current options/shortlist is:

Boardman team Road £800
Boardman road team carbon £1150
Caad10 (105) £1000
giant defy1 £1000

I do couple of short mid week rides and a longer Sunday ride. Races are mainly triathlon (sprint/oly distance) but would like to have a go at sportives next summer. It will be my main bike so need for all year round and probably on the turbo too?

Current thinking is the Aly Boardman Team Road and spendth saving on a proper fitting??? thoughts?

Comments and suggestions welcome - thanks in advance!


  • HodgeHodge Posts: 9
    Have i writen this thread in my sleep, as i have a Ridley and apart from the Giant which i dislike the looks of, i am also think of the very same bikes.
  • Ha ha. If there is a obvious winner we should try to get a deal from somewhere for buying 2! We obviously have same taste in bikes!
  • HodgeHodge Posts: 9
    Im thinking, if i go for carbon, its the team and alu would be the caad 10. Not sure on size as my Ridley Boreas is a medium and feels a bit small ( im 6,1. 185cm).my other option is a new frame and swop everything over(105s). All the Boardmans get great reviews. Halfords service is a bit hit and miss. The Caad 10 is rated as a great alu bike, infact better than some carbon. I think at a £1000ish it really is just down to best fit.
  • Agreed. Going to get myself down to Halfords and LBS and try them out. Airing toward the C'dale at the moment. Let me know how you get on!
  • HodgeHodge Posts: 9
    Will do, recon the caad 10 would suit clip on tri bars better, but im no exspert. Happy shopping.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Ok, a bike fit is almost certainly a good idea - you may be surprised and what you learn.
    If you have a fit first, it can make sure you don't buy a bike that you simply can't adjust to fit you.
    As for the bike - get the best frame you can afford, and then you can upgrade the components later. Or, as you suggest, get a frame and transfer your gruppo over.
    I don't have an opinion on which of the bikes you should go for - I only have a TT bike and a CX.
  • HodgeHodge Posts: 9
    Cheers nivagh, bike fit a must. Got my bike fit 2 years after buying the bike , not the right way round i know and putting me in the position, that requires a new bike/frame as the tt is to short(longer stem has helped). The caad should be easy enough to try out, but i think halfords only let you sit on them in store. Frame change was my first choice(planetx/ribble) but again you cant try them out when buying on line. It really can be a mine field and to some exstent take the fun out of what should be a good fun .
  • Went to look at the Boardmans today and 1. ruled the carbon out as the paint (??) finish was terrible - all blistered etc. I know it doesn't effect the ride, feel mechanics but seriously poor finish. BTW - they did let me take it for a 'ride' although it was with 'flat' pedals and simply 'round the back' of the store. still did get chance to have a little go.

    The Road team 'looked' ok and on a quick ride felt fine too. Next is to try the Caad10 I guess - although i am airing on the side of spend more now and ignore the asving i could make.

    on the ribble/planet x......what the best spec v price compromise? there's lots of bikes on there!!!
  • HodgeHodge Posts: 9
    Good to hear Halfords let you have a spin, may try them at the weekend. surprised to hear the finish was bad.The ribble stealth geometry seams to be sized right for me, but the looks dont do it for me. The caad 10 on the other hand looks good and the tt is a good length for me.
  • HodgeHodge Posts: 9
    Thats my plan for a new bike on hold, the tumble dryer has stopped working and with a young child in the house and a wet summer, we do need it, ive been told.So i either buy cheaper or wait a couple of months . Think i will wait and get the right bike.
  • Ouch - although i know the feeling with 3 of my own (kids not tumble dryers ). If i've got the money for the 'gear' one of them is ill and i dont get the time to train, then when all is fit and well something soemwhere has a higher priority on the cash! Life eh!

    On the bright side is it not Q3 nearer end of the year when next years bikes come out and hence good deals to be found? Could be the silver lining!!
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381





    If in doubt - ring Bridgtown. They'll build you a custom bike using whatever group set you want on a frame of your choice. Free bike fitting too

    You'll struggle to find a bad word to be said about the guys here

    Good luck
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