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Newtons, any good?

Needing to get a new pair of trail trainers and keep being tempted to check out Newtons but don't know anyone who has had a pair. Would be greatful for any reviews from someone who has actually had a pair instead of the sales pitch from the guy in the shop.Ta


  • I recently got a pair of the Sir Isaac Newtons. Been out a couple of times in them, and yes, they are comfortable, and they do make you run on your toes. But hand on heart, I can't say whether it's the shoes that do it, or whether you're consciously doing it, as that's the reason you got them.

    As to trail running in them, unless you get the new Momentum trail version, which I can't comment on, I don't think the others are really substantial enough, or with a good enough grip, to run on proper trails, unless the trails are gravel or bark based.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Igot a pair earlier this year and i can honestly say they workedfor me.Iknocked 2 mins off my 10k time staight away.
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