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Prescription insoles and running shoes

Hopefully somebody can help! I've got quite flat feet, and the podiatrist has prescribed insoles to raise my arches, they're brilliant! However, when running I'm suffering with blisters on my heel now that my foot is higher in the trainer. Has anybody had something similar, and can you suggest a trainer that will be best suited to my insoles?




  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Go for a neutral running shoe, if you are slightly heavier runner, or have joint issues, go for a cushioned neutral shoe, I would not recommend a particule trainer, as everyone is different, I use orthotics with saucony trainers, usually their Jazz or Grid Omni,
  • socialtrisocialtri Posts: 1
    Did you wear them in? I also have prescription insoles and I was told to wear them in gradually by starting with walking then very short runs and then building up. With my last pair I tried to run with them two quickly and ended up with blisters also!
  • Socialtri is bang on the money there. I found that I got blisters initially with my orthotics but now that they're broken in they feel great. Given time your heels should toughen up where you've been getting blisters as well. I use Brooks at the moment, can't remember which ones. They're a neutral shoe though.
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