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**Orca Kompression tights**

I have been using a pair of Orca Kompression tights for the past 12months and would say that I have benefitted, in that they help my legs recover more effectively.
The downside is that I now[ for the past 3months], have had a throbbing pain down below the inside of my knee. This happens more so when wearing these tights during the warm-up stage of a run.
I have been to an osteopath, and has allievated some of the discomfort from my pelvic, but would like to know, as they are skin tight can they pull the muscles in the wrong way over a long period of usage?

Many thanks



  • BaldiloxBaldilox Posts: 11
    Firstly if you are putting the compression tights on correctly with no twisting of the material or large kinks it would be hard to see it affecting muscle length, etc, over time.
    If you only get this throbbing knee pain when using the compression tights i would be thinking of your vascular system. I realise the tights are meant to be skin tight, but are you sure they are not TOO tight? Does the pain go immediately after taking the tights off?
  • Hi,

    Thanks for a reply regarding the Orca Compression tights.

    I have done a trial and since not wearing them the tightness and also throbbing that had been curtailing my training has dissipatated considerably.

    You mention the tightness of the tights, on the sizing chart I went for the small size as I have a 30 waist, and did stryuggle to get them on and off.

    There are no retail outlets of the tights in Glasgow or Edinburgh, thus I bought through ChainReaction a multisport company online.

    The possitives from the tights were fresh legs after every session, so they are a must have...lol

    I will call Chain Reaction or maybe Scotland Triathlon Association and ask for advise.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  • The pain is and was evident on the warm -up stages of my training [ as I would be doing long intervals [ 1200m - 1800m reps ] on track and also in park paths.
    The pain was never there during the main session on times I wore tights through winter, now summer has come I dont wear during sessions, but on warm-up/cooldown.

    Since then I went to an osteopath and had checked my R.O.M and noticed I had very tight pelvis area, and hit various pressure points and have been doing pelvic tight raises to strengthen that side of my body.
  • BaldiloxBaldilox Posts: 11
    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said a trial of no tights resulted in a huge reduction in symptoms. You may have to bite the bullet and buy a new pair of tights but preferably get sized up in shop before buying online which im sure will be cheaper.

    A word of caution though regarding visiting an Osteopath regarding this problem. I do not think your problem arises from musculoskeletal tightness in the pelvic area and would be wary about visiting an Osteopath for multiple sessions to correct the pelvic 'problem'. All to often i see athletes who have had various complex assessments with elaborate treatment plans for pelvic upslips/downslips/ SIJ dysfunctions/ etc, when the most simple explanation is normally the correct one. I think in your case it isnt more complex than tight tights!

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Huw,

    Thanks for the response, and will ditch the Orca Kompression tights, and see about buying from a store over the next week or so.

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