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Dublin City Tri... Enough time?!


I completed my first (slightly shorter than) sprint triathlon last weekend & loved it. I'm keen to do another one, and challenge myself again. I'm thinking of doing the Dublin City Triathlon on the 26th of August, but thinking it might be a pushing it a little bit..

I've been training for approx 13 weeks, averaging 10hours a week. My normal running mileage in a week is 25 - 30 miles, cycling about the same, but with one long 30-40k ride a week & swimming 1 x endurance, 2 x skills/speed work. I've been training well & seen great results. My splits for my Tri were:

400m swim: 8.30
10k bike: 24.00
5k run: 25.20

I'm just looking for some advice really... Is 7 weeks too fast a turn around to make the jump to Olympic distance?

Thanks a lot for any advice!



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    7 weeks is just about right to train to complete an Olympic distance tri based on what you have achieved and the training time available to you. Most training adaptions take 4 to 6 weeks to show through. I suggest the following:

    Swim: Keep the drills in all sessions to reinforce good technique. Make 2 of them endurance sessions and one race pace. Race pace being race distance broken into 8 to 4 reps with a recovery of 25% of rep time. Working on your sprint race pace of 8:30 for 400m then the pace would be 2:07 per 100m with a recovery of around 0:30 per 100m. If going well then can reduce the recovery. Endurance being race distance broken into 5 to 2 reps at race pace +0:05 to +0:10 per 100m or 2:12 to 2:17 but with recoveries reduced to 10 to 15% of rep time. Get some open water swims in as well. After 4 weeks re-evaluate race pace based on an 800m time trial.

    Bike: Need to increase bike time to around 15 to 50% of training time. So up the rides. This is your weakest element. Make sure you can do the 40km comfortably.

    Running: You can reduce your run training to allow more bike time. 2 hours per week should be enough. It will leave your legs fresher so when you do run you can run that little bit harder and you will also be able to put that bit more into the bike. Remember that in the race if your legs have been exhausted from the bike then all your run training will have been wasted.

    Hope this helps. These are my comments from what I have read on your posting but there are millions of other interpretations possible. Go with what you feel is right for you. Enjoy the training and enjoy the Tri.


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