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Ironman training and length of program

I completed 2 Ironman in 2006 (Port Mac and Hawaii). Following Hawaii I continued to train for the season and the result was overtraining syndrome. I took some time off and have just finished 6 races over sprint and Olympic distance. I performed below par all season, and once again I was overtrained. I am planning some more time away from intensive training and will be keeping everything well below threshold. I am travelling to Europe in July and will only be able to run. This brings me to my question. I would like to race Ironman W.A. This will only give me 16 weeks of training. Do you think it is possible to have a decent race? Thanks, any comments appreciated.


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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    Yeah, I would say it gives you time!

    Do you want to have a competitive time?

    Although it doesn't really matter because, I would say when running just do lots of slow runs at low HR zone if you train with HR moniter, just to get your body to burn more fat than carbs. then when you can go on your bike do 3-4 weeks of long slow rides, getting the miles in, then this will give you 9 or so weeks for race specific training for the ironman plus two weeks taper!!
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