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Power race Phantom Sunglasses

Power Race Sunglasses

As new - opended, tried on and out back in the hard case.

I simply dont use them.

They come with a 3 lenses, dark, orange for low light conditions and clear lenses. In a hard case, with cleaning cloth and drawstring bag.

Here is the blurb :

Featuring a frame made from virtually unbreakable Grilamid TR90 nylon, known for its high bend strength, low density and high resistance to chemical and UV damage. The result is a frame which is as light as it is robust, with a nosepad made from hypoallergenic compund that's designed to stay comfortable while still releasing sweat.

Ultra-thin (1.1mm) lenses continue the lightweight theme, not at the expense of durability however, with each lense being both foldable and shatterproof. No need to worry about fumbling with them on the bike then.


•Virtually unbreakable TR90 nylon frame
•Ultra-thin, foldable, shatterproof lenses, interchangeable for various lighting conditions.
•Wrap-around geometry and comfortable, ergonomic design
In the box:

•1 x pair of red or blue revo lenses
•1 x pair of orange photo-chromic lenses
•1 x pair clear anti-fog lenses
•Shock-proof storage case and cleaning cloth
All Power Race frames are unbreakable, foldable and fully pliable and are all covered with a full three year warranty from the date of purchase.

£40 delivered

[attachment=2:3dw2b2ef]sunglasses 1.jpg[/attachment:3dw2b2ef]

[attachment=1:3dw2b2ef]sunglasses 2.jpg[/attachment:3dw2b2ef]

[attachment=0:3dw2b2ef]sunglasses 3.jpg[/attachment:3dw2b2ef]
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