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Trisuit for a 70.3?

Doing Aberfeldy middle distance next week, my first event at this distance. Not sure if i should go with a tri suit or cycling shorts? Not massively fussed about the time...



  • Forget anything that is cotton. Look to cycle clothing from companies such as Sugoi, Louis Garneau, apparelnbags etc. They research and develop clothing that performs for cyclists. There is no single set of clothing that works under all conditions, The best you can do is layer the appropriate clothing, and remove or add layers or items as needed.
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    I've only done two HIM's, but for both I wore a trisuit, then added cycle jersey for the bike leg and took it off for the run....
    Saves a lot of fannying around and if you get a decent enough trisuit, combined with a well fitted saddle that'll be more than fine for 56 miles.
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