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Outlaw 2013

Hello everyone, have any of you ever done the Outlaw long distance triathlon? I'm thinking of doing this instead of the Ironman, it's over £100 cheaper!! Is it a good sized event and well organised etc?


  • ianbromianbrom Posts: 6
    I did it this year and it's a fantastic race, well organised and superbly marshalled. Swim start is tricky with so many athletes but the bike and run sections are both fantastic.
    I couldn't recommend it highly enough and as you say, for a long distance Tri it is a bargain too.
    Ian bromley
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    Try asking this again at http://www.bcttt.com
    Quite a few of them have done it since it started and I'm sure they'd have lots of useful stuff to tell you :-D
  • Hi Nicknofinger

    I'll email over Matt Kurton's Outlaw race report from last issue. He loved it.

    I went up a couple of years ago and it was a brilliant atmosphere.

    Cheers, Matt (220)
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I did Outlaws 2010 and 2011 - cracking race, very well organised and as you say a bit cheaper. Now for some the 'you are an Ironman' at the end is worth the premium but I can assure you that having swam 3.8km, biked for 180km and ran for 42k that last 200m was magical. The light fading, in pain, running towards the light, suddenly feeling the mat under my feet as I entered the chute, hearing all the hollering and clapping just for me, high fiving towards the tape and hearing 'you are an Outlaw' - sending shivers just thinking about it. Outlaw - Ironman hell I've done the distance, I have walked the walk and talked the talk - no difference - job done.
  • Fantastic event, and contrary to the post above I found the swim start much less painful than other mass start races. Basically, the swim is done in the regatta lake at the NWSC and they put the fastest swimmers on the elft - with the shortest distance to the first buoy, and the slower ones on the right, with marginally further to swim. So if you put yourself in hte right place the field opens up quite nicely very quickly - much less aqua rugby than other races!

    There is also going to be an Outlaw 70.3 on 2 June 2013 - perfect fit with the training plan for the full distance race...

  • Just newbie in triathlon and not done yet the Outlaw.
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