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Softride 650 Powerwing - Fully loaded


I imported this beautiful bike in 2004, rode it once then hung it up. I know, I know, crazy but true. I bought it simply because I decided I would like to own such an original machine. I have never done a tri in my life!

So, its been insured for about £3k, year after year, on my home insurance and still, obviously, looks as fantastic as when it arrived. I got a hell of a shock when I had to pay £400 import fees but you live and learn!

The bike has some very nice parts and there are a couple of images of it here:-

http://www.clevercaptures.com/Other/Sof ... -Powerwing

If anyone is seriously interested in buying this I could certainly go to the trouble of listing all its assets.

So...anyone like to buy this? Serious offers only please if so

Many thanks,



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