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What bloody bike!

Hello everyone, I'm saving for a new bike at the moment, but don't know what to go for. I'd looked at the Giant TCR3, but the bike shop said that they think the defy is better? I'm after a race bike and weekend ride. So I want something that's going to be used for sportives and triathlons. I'm also looking to do an Ironman on it as well. I've Also looked at the felt range, any advice would be great. So many bikes not enough time.


  • Hi, I think it depends how long you're likely to keep the bike and whether you have a preference over top frame/reasonable components vs reasonable frame/top components?

    The German brands such as Focus and Cube seem to offer great vale. I had a £1k budget for bike, pedals and shoes and ended up with the Boardman Team but I was close to getting a Cube. The cube was a bit racier in terms of geometry but the boardmans spec (ESP the wheels) swung it for me.

    I'm unlikely to spec up the Boardman and when I change I will prob go for a £2k+ but it's been spot on for my Sprint and Olympic races this year.

    Enjoy shopping!
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    I started out with a specialized Allez, which was plenty good enough to get me through a couple of sprints - but it didn't fit. Fit is king, I've learned this - and you'll go faster on a cheap bike that fits you than on an expensive one that doesn't.......
  • Having got a Defy 2 as my first road bike based on reviews and a 30% discount, I have to say it seems to be doing well. I've upgraded the wheels to a pair of Halo Aerorages and tried to lose a few pounds and I'm getting a bit quicker. Easy to ride and seems to be pretty responsive in most conditions / terrain. Having said that I am looking towards an upgrade in the next twelve months, but as a starter bike it has been spot on.
  • What sort of price range are you looking at?........first bit of advice would be to spend as much as you can afford!
    Secondly..... Carbon!

    And most importantly.......Make sure it fits!!!
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    and once you've got your bike... time to work on the engine
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You need to have an idea of your optimum crank length http://www.machinehead-software.co.uk/b ... lator.html
    then Compact or Standard.

    For those that know me I favour Compacts. Compacts typically come with a 50/34 but you can easily swap with a 36 and 39 depending on the course for oodles of flexibility and even swap with a 52.

    Re geometry the shorter the top tube length the more you approach the geometry of a tri bike, the longer the more upright the position.
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