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Hi Everyone,
Just joined the club this evening and need some advice.

Im 43 and have been running on and off for 10 years, had to take the last 18 months off from trg as knackered my knee but im back on the road and now able to run 8 miles very comfortable at 10 min miles, not fast but ok.

The thing is im desperate to do a tri athlon, should i start with a sprint?, which I reckon I could do if I train hard for 3-4 months,or train harder for olympic? I have just bought a 2010 Specialised Allez sport double which is second hand but hardly used, hoping i made a good choice? Its entry level but affordable.

Thoughts and advice appreciated.



  • 1) register and join the BCTTT - http://www.bcttt.com


    2) ask the same question and I GUARANTEE you'll get a much better response than on here

    In answer to your question - your bike is perfect. Yes you can do a sprint, yes you can do an Olympic, find yourself a generic training plan , follow it and you'll smash it

    The BCTTT will guide you in the right direction and you'll have a riot getting to the finish line
  • Thanks for your reply, will regiter now.

    Lets do this thing!!
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