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Lower inside leg pain

I have properly fitted trainers - asics which I love and have been great - on my last 2 runs of around 5.5 miles I have a pain on the inside of both my lower inside leg - kind of shin height but at the side. It doesn't feel like muscle pain more bone. Any ideas? Thanks James


  • Hi Jamesly,
    Firstly you said you have proper fitted Asics? Fitted by whom? The reason i ask is i would alwqays visit a biomechanist in a proper running shop to assess if there are any biomechanical factors evident such as overpronation (flat feet) or oversupination (weight bearing on outside of foot).

    Inside leg pains which often only come on after a duration of running are almost always a combination of biomechanical issues such as those above and/or muscular tightness. Are you aware of any tightness in your Gastrocs (calfs) or soleus (just below the calf)?

    If it persists, i would definately recommend being reviewed by a podiatrist (specialist who loves fiddling with feet or a musculoskeletal physiotherapist (specialist who fiddles with muscles, bones, and ligaments) for assessment. It could be somthing simple to correct such as tibialis posterior (small muscle which holds up the arch in your foot) tightness.

    Hope this helps.

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