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Injury prone

I suffered with a sore lower back due to a poor posture and core strength whilst training for my first triathlon at tatton earlier this year. On the advice of a physio i over come this problem by taking up pilates, worked a treat. I recently stepped up the running training as i have signed up for the Wilmslow half marathon next march and suddenly my back i playing up again, on top of that i have started with posterior shin splints?

Any advice why the back would suddenly flair up again? I am still doing pilates. Is the only way to over come shin splints rest? Or can i step back a litlle on the distance and continue?

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Personally I get lower back pain when my ITBs are tight. There are loads of reasons though.

    I suspect running rest is the only option for shin splints. Cycling/water-running will keep the aerobic system going.
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    I heard from a physio that the worst thing you can do with an injury is complete rest, he said you have to back off the training and lower the intensity that way the body will be able to repair and strengthen the area in question so it does not return, where as complete rest if you have not strengthened the prone area it will just come back again and again to haunt you.
    He also said shin splints are a symptom that covers an aray of injuries in that part of the leg and can be one of many types of injury. You need to find what is the cause of the 'shin splint' pain is first so you can tackle the cause
    Get yourself to a physio and get the propper diagnosis done I say
  • dhcmdhcm Posts: 67
    Get thee to a physio. They have always worked for me.

    FWIW I have shin splints (came on in Oct) and have been told:

    1. No running until completely cleared
    2. No running until have sorted out cause
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    i had the same back problem i reckon when i first started training for tris, managed 3 this year to oly's and a sprint, by the last one it was virtually fine, just back ache from being bent over on bike,
    I am also hoping to sign up for wilmslow half, and started putting the miles in, bike has suffered!! went out for a 5k run and to try for a quick time, and bike back was so sore and tight!!! I could hardly run properly, i think that it was in my mind and tensed up cos i was going for a quick one rather than just out for a run.
    Are you just putting base miles in or trying to go quick all the time?
    Shin splints i cant help you with!!!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Start writing an injury log,I used to have a training diary but it soon transcended into an injury log.
    noting down when pain occurs,at what distance,what terrain,more prevalent in the morning or afternoon.
    You could try back dating it,noting any injuries that occurred during younger years.
    The body is a synegenic unit and compensates for illness/injury,a tight ITB or quad muscle could have an adverse effect on MCL or patella tendons,etc.

    I had a crush injury on my lower back 30 years ago,any ride over 15 miles and it stiffens up.trying to do the hanging dog whilst riding wasn't an option,so I just live with it,and get out of the aero position every 10 mins just to stretch it.
  • Cheers to you all for your replies. All your comments have been taken on board. First thing is yet another trip to the physio i guess. Difficult pill to swallow as i know he is simply going to say reast, rest and more rest.
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