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NHS for sport-related injuries

BmanBman Posts: 442
So to put this in context, Im an NHS-o-phobe, after getting the runaround for a year while in agony with a stress fracture in 2005 after doing a marathon.

So now Im injured again, 2012 has been an exercise write-off with me having to pull out of all 6 events I entered at the beginning of the year. I finally found a senior sports physio who identified hip impingement (FAI) and recomended one of the few people who have experience in this (and work in an NHS PCT who covers it). I go and see my GP this morning and she says i will have to probably have to see someone in my local area as they generally cant refer out as the guy I want to see is in another part of London. Although she almost condescendingly said she would write him down as my first choice. My local guys all specialise in full hip replacements and no mention of any FAI experience in any local hospital units.

Doe anyone know about this type of thing and my right to request this consultant?

NHS website is all about patients having rights to choose, so am I being cynical thinking she has fobbed me off to abide by her local PCT requests to keep things local.


  • Sorry to hear of your injury problems.

    I was in a similar situation a few years ago and know how frustrating it is to not be able to do the activities you want. I went to the GP with pain in my shins and calf muscles and was given the runaround - the typical 'don't exercise for 8 weeks and it will probably go away', waiting months for referrals etc. etc.

    In the end I tried all manner of witch doctors (a chiropractor, an osteopath and acupuncture) and finally a private physio diagnosed compartment syndrome. I then went back to the GP and after a lot of badgering they agreed to do the necessary surgery, they even put me up in a private hospital as that was the only place the specialist worked from.

    In short my advice would to be to just keep chipping away. In my case I made headway by asking for second opinions, questioning why their policy was 'what it was', incessant calling for progress updates and when I wasn't getting anywhere politely asking who I should write to at a senior level to get my problem considered. It took me a long time (about 18 months) but now I've had the surgery and am right-as-rain (touch wood).

    Be polite but firm, and keep pestering and I'm sure you'll make progress.

    Good luck!
  • I've worked for the NHS for 14 years.

    You can request to see ANY NHS Consultant. My son who is a quadriplegic sees many Dr's.

    We found an orthopaedic specialist that has vast experience dealing with kids with Cerebral Palsy so we asked to see him instead of our local Dr. All sorted.

    My parents live in Norfolk. My mum has Lupas. She wasn't happy with the local Consultant so asked to be referred to a nationally known Lupas Consultant at St Thomas' hospital.

    It's easy to do but GP's don't like doing it cos it's draws cash away from their budget

    Don't ask - tell your GP what YOU want. Don't accept no for an answer
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Willieverfinish is 100% spot on. Its part of the patients charter my friend.

    Google it.

    I also know this as I've been beset with one injury after another and finally I'm being referred to people who are outwith my local NHS to help solve the issue(s). I've had to pester and generally annoy the fuck out the NHS but it had to be done as I simply had to means to go private.

    Go back to the docs and tell him/ her they are speaking load of shit and refer them to the patients charter and that you have the right to be treated....go get em
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Cheers Guys! That pisses me off and gives me hope at the same time.

    My googling yesterday mentioned the right to request a specific hospital but no mention of specific consultant. But that suits me even better if you guys have done it before.

    Look out GP!
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    go get em...

    Been there... you can request any hosi you want. Not all hosiptal give the same services etc so you can choose where to go!
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Just an update, after a rather firmly-worded letter to my GP, attached to the questionaire she sent me, I received my referral to the consultant I asked for! Result.

    Now just have to wait 2 months to see him.

    In case anyone is having similar hip/knee pain, Ive switched to 165mm cranks on my road bike for my commute, and it really helps. Thinking about switching on my TT bike too, as Ive read its really good for opening the hips up in an aero tuck and if i do have surgery, everything i can do to reduce hip flexion will be good afterwards.

    Ive got a related question but think it deserves a seperate post.
  • Good news
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