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Felt S22 - Any good?

Found a felt S22 for under a grand. Brand new, is it a good deal, anyone ever ridden one/owned one?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Felt have a good rep, 3 chums of mine have Felts and all enthuse about them.

    Review here http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/cate ... 2-12-46157

    Has it got the BB30, and SRAM running gear? Listed a 50/34 Compact so that for me ticks the right box for a first tri bike, top tip would be to get 36 and 39 rings over time as that would give oodles of flexibility.
  • Thanks pal. Still having a serious look at other roads bikes rather than a Tri bike. Think Boardman/Specialized Allez Sport as i'm not a strong rider (I can ride its just been a while) and it may be too soon for a Tri Bike.
  • I bought one of these a couple of weeks back as a first tri bike and first proper road bike. So far its been cracking and had a few nice comments from other local cyclists about it.

    Build quality seems really steady and the obligatory first fall off with clipless pedals act resulted in a tiny mark on the rubber hand grip but everything is working as intended after.

    Shifters are nice with a good positive click and reasonably quick response. Be aware when you're on the aero bars you feel every bump in the road and they aren't the most comfortable of machines on rubbish surfaces but you soon get used to it (I can only imagine this gets worse as frames get even stiffer higher up the price ladder)

    Imo its a good buy, the places I usually ride around have a nice selection of rolling hills to train on. I am far from a strong rider and it tackles them no problem.

    If you are after a TT bike then you'll be more than happy with it.

    *Edit* Just to note mine is also the 2012 model with the SRAM gear
  • CJohno - Thank you this was really helpful. I'm only just started riding thats what concerns me about getting a bike of this quality so soon. I was reckoning I would be best suited buying a decent road bike (ie - Boardman/Specialized Allez Sport etc) and building up my cycling properly first before venturing into the TT bike world.
    Edit: By the way, how much did you pick yours up for? This is also the 2012 version
  • I actually picked mine up used from a lad who'd originally ordered it from Wiggle but it was a little on the large side for him. I think he paid around £1200 or so a couple of weeks back but they're not listed on the site anymore to check.

    Just for reference mine is a 56 frame and I'm just under 6ft

    I had kind of the same reservations before I bought it myself, but my eventual aim was to try do some time trials and triathlon's eventually as well as using it for cross training and fitness, so I figured I may as well be training on the same sort of kit I'd be using for that. Time trialling is fun, even if its just making your own course and racing your PB but if you feel you'd be looking to spend more time group riding or touring around with friends a normal decent road bike would probably be more suitable. If you feel you'd be spending most of the time out by yourself pushing against the clock then you'll love it.

    Plus dropping into the aero bars and powering along a nice smooth flat atleast makes you feel the part although at the moment my telemetry disagrees

    Unless of course you can get both bikes which I couldn't lol
  • Ha - yeah i'm the same mate. Struggling to afford the one bike let alone 2 :-(

    Thats my other way of reckoning - If I aim to 'Tri' then I know sooner or later i'm gonna want to upgrade to a Tri specific bike, so why not just make the jump right off?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    It's a question of commitment - a road bike gives flexibility for group rides, sportives etc. But if you really want to rock it in tri a tri bike is the way to go. The position, ride etc you will get used to and it is designed not only to be faster on the bike section but also give an edge in the run. The Garfield studies established that the tri bike geometry enables a quicker transition from bike to run over the first 2.5km.
  • Nice to know that. I would have guessed that an easier ride, would result in an easier run, but not over a particular distance etc. Cheers
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