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IM Fear...

Well less than 2 weeks to IM wales and to be honest im a wee bit nervous...
Any General advice or suggestions of things I'm gonna forget and /or get wrong over race weekend greatly received.....

Cheers Guys.....


  • i'm sure you've got all the basics covered, but my two main learnings from my first ironman were the importance of consistent feeding on the bike, and not going off too hard on the run nomatter how good you feel. you will get bad patches but keep moving forward and they'll pass. it's a long day but passes quickly so make sure you enjoy it.

    despite not using it to date, i also carry a 'first aid' bag with ibuprofen, compeed and bog roll. good luck.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Baby wipes - great for the 3 pre-race ADs, leaves botty nice and fresh
  • Ga3Ga3 Posts: 14
    I'm guessing the race is on the Sunday? After racking the bike etc on the Saturday of my first IM I went to the cinema with the Mrs to take my mind of it and try to relax..... it seemed to work.

    KidStardust has given very good advice too.

    Most of all make sure you enjoy the day and take in the atmosphere.

    Good luck
  • How did it go?
  • Race Report!.......Yes Please

    I saw a few people had crashed out on the bike!... hope you managed to get around in one piece!
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