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New to Triathlon, advice on equipment, ie bike?????

Hello there guys and girls,

Currently serving out in afghanistan and have been reading the mag to pass the 6 months out here! Since reading i have been very excited about gtting back and trying out a triathlon especilly the training!
I have however no idea on where to start!! For a bike i wouldn't like to spend more £800, wetsuit etc i have literally no idea!
Would be very grateful for recommendations and any advice on where to start and what to buy.
I am from staffordshire so was thinking of any clubs to join there to help, would this be a good idea?

Appreciate any reply.


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Matt.

    Perhaps think about a triathlon starter pack that you can get from many tri retailers. For around that budget, you could get a bike, wetsuit, trisuit, helmet, shoes and some accessories.Its a good starting point esp if you havent tried a tri yet and arent hooked like the rest of us junkies. After that, your kit will never be good enough and you will constantly need to upgrade...its a downward spiral

    But the most important things to look out for are the fit of the bike and wetsuit, so try both out before you buy to make sure youre on the right size bike and the wetsuit is good in the water (you will think its too tight on land but its in the water where it counts). Some swimming lakes have wetsuit hire so you can try them in the water. As for shops, somewhere like TFN in nottingham isnt too far from you and they do triathlon starter packs.

    Alternative find a decent road bike in your budget, slap some aerobars on it and either hire a wetsuit for the season or buy a hire wetsuit at the end of the season for a good price. I did that from triuk at the end of a season and used a foor quantum as my first wetsuit. Was great. As for a bike, loads on here will say bridgetown cycles in Cannock will be a great place to go for a bike that fits well. Local to you too. I'm in London so cant help much more with local tri clubs.

    Good luck and hope you get into it!
  • AKAK Posts: 27
    Bman wrote:
    After that, your kit will never be good enough and you will constantly need to upgrade...its a downward spiral
    ....although you never cease to convince yourself that it's an upward spiral, no? ;-)

    Amazing how almost every time I go past Sigma Sport I have to walk in and buy something I never knew I needed. Doesn't take much convincing from the folks at the store either.

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Its so true, Im sure I was fastest in my ex-rental wetsuit, but oh-my-god, this one has "forearm catch panels", and "buoyancy rollbar" (Im sure the fat on my belly does the same thing). I'll take it! Does it come in red carbon?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    All of the above. What you will find is that kit, training and nutrition will evolve so prepare for upgrades over time. I did a post here that may be of use post79241.html#p79241
  • One bit of advice. If this will be your first Triathlon, dont listern to all the hype about roll bars on wetsuits, aero bars for bikes etc. Just get a standard road bike and cheapish (£100-150) wet suit. You will have years to upgrade your kit. Have swimming lessons and train as often as possible. Being aero wont help if the rider is not fit or over weight.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for serving our country.
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