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Stepping up to OD

Any suggestions regarding a good first Olympic Distance race, somewhere in the midlands/south. Planning to step up next season an thinking about mapping out the year building up to an OD.



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Can't say about the Midlands/South but bookmark this http://www.britishtriathlon.org/take-pa ... d-an-event as very useful for planning your events diary but next year's won't be up yet.
  • AKAK Posts: 27
    Latinobeat wrote:
    Planning to step up next season an thinking about mapping out the year building up to an OD.
    +1 here - any recommendations would be much appreciated.

    Been thinking of signing up for some of the Castle Series events (http://www.castletriathlonseries.co.uk/en/, photos look amazing) but haven't decided yet..

  • I've looked at those too, but they are just that little bit far from me. Hever might work, but that is a season end race and I'd be keen to do it before the Summer holiday ( my discipline when by a beach isn't great ).
    I had wondered about doing the lot as 40th birthday special, but might have to do some persuading on the home front first. Maybe tie in the French leg with a couple of weeks south of the Loire.
  • Ga3Ga3 Posts: 14
    The Dambuster is pretty much in the midlands at Rutland water, awesome race.

    There is also the Beever which is near Grantham, a bit further north.

    Hope this helps
  • Cheers Ga3,

    Dambuster looks a real possibility.
  • Bosworth water trust
  • Top Barn Triathlon (Worcester) is a good one. If you fancy a trip to the South then Race New Forest do a good range of races.
  • Cheers for the added recommendations. Bosworth in particular looks like a good venue, a bit like Cirencester in some ways. Still leaning towards Dambuster, it fits nicely with being the week after Blenheim too, so a good warm up in advance.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Both Dambuster and Bosworth are both excellant Standard Distance races.

    Dambuster 2013 is a qualifier for the 2013 World Champs held in London and also the 2014 European Champs so you can expect a lot of high quality athletes competing, especially for a London slot.

    I assume as you are stepping up to OD you are a novice so Bosworth would be perhaps less intimidating to a novice but less razamataz than Dambuster.

    Dambuster will fill very quickly when open due to Championship slots whereas Bosworth probably wont.

    Good Luck in whatever race you choose.
  • Good points well made. From what I've experienced so far the better standard fields aren't necessarily that intimidating, but having to look further down the list to find yourself, even after a good race, can be a little disheartening. On the other hand there is something satisfying about testing yourself amongst those who are much better than you are.
  • Well Dambuster it is, along with a couple of OD newbie friends. Time to sort out the Tri Club membership and get the swim technique checked as a priority. I'm already excited about it, what a kid

    Thanks for the advice, I'll post up any developments as they happen and try and remember a race review.
  • It's a Great race

    You'll love it.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You had better get a move on!! Dambuster entries opened today and will likely close tomorrow ... I'm in by the way

    Nearer the time arrange a meet up at the race.
  • I have been checking religiously and paid up last night. Might have to meet up before hand or you may be hanging around a while looking at the previous results it looks like a regularly strong field. I saw Mark Bayliss listed, he does know it is only OD I presume
  • i've not done teh dambuster Tri but done the Vit and the Duathlon there. Its a great venue and a great bike course. You will love it.
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