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CycleScheme - £1000 Bike - Recommendations

Sorry for all the 'Bike Threads' recently however work have signed up for the CycleScheme

I have £1000 to spend on a bike. I have 2 options.....

1. Buy an average Tri Bike
2. Buy a far better road bike

With regards to Tri Bikes - The best options seem to be a 'Felt S22' or 'Bianchi D2 Pico Chrono Triathlon Alu Tiagra Bike (2011)' - Both i can get for less than £1000

If these are worth getting then i'd prefer a tri Bike, however if I get a Road bike for around 800-900 then I can get a few more accessories.

What would your recommendations be?

Oh yeah by the way, next year i'm going to aim to compete in triathlons at the highest level possible (never done one before though haha)


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Felt S22 v tempting http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/cate ... 2-12-46157

    Gosh v hard, but if you are serious about triathlon a tri bike is definitely the way to go. My times improved quite a bit when I switched from a road to a tri bike not only on the bike but also the transition to run. If you get a good road bike that will see you OK for many moons to come and then you can save for an uber tri bike.

    The Felt will see you OK for quite a few years, yes you will change the wheels over time but hey that's triathlon.
  • I reckon the Felt,just out of interest, where can you get one for less that a grand.
  • If you're looking into Tri +1 on the S22, I have one myself and love it. If you can pick it up for less than £1000 it'll be a great buy.

    Just be aware if you'd also be looking to do sportive rides, some of them won't allow you to take part with a tri bike (Etape Pennines being an example)

    After a few weeks of use it seems nicely built, SRAM gear is pretty nice and there's a lot of adjustment in the seat and aero bars
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