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Cancun 70.3

Hi Forum

Just a quick hello from a long time reader, but first time post.

Is anyone signing / signed up for Cancun 70.3? It will be my first event outside of UK and would welcome general comments on transport / insurance / acclimitisation etc. Any specific comments on the Cancun race also appreciated.

Thanks in advance



  • triNicktriNick Posts: 14
    Last year it rained a bit, the previous year it was extremely HOT! It's a well run event especially for Mexico. Drafting issue both years. Pretty flat course, good roads, good aid stations on the run.

    We did our own travel planning, with hotel and airfare from the US. We did not stay at the host hotel, we stayed at the Westin.

    It would help if you did some training in the heat to be acclimated for the race.

    Ask more specific questions and I can try to answer then.

  • Thanks triNick

    Sounds like the true tropics from your weather reports! Being from Wales (UK) I can cope with the rain.

    On the specifics:

    1. Did you enter both years?

    2. Why not the hotel, did you just get a better deal on the Westin?

    3. Having never been to Cancun, if I arrange my own travel are the airport transfers ok with bike boxes or would you recommend hiring a car?

    4. Did you bother acclimitising in Cancun, I see you are from mid-USA and its pretty hot there in Summer so maybe you didn't have to?

    5. You mention issues on drafting, what was the mix of entrants like, lots of experienced competitors or newbies?

    6. I'm guessing the sea swim is quite sheltered as they discuss the saline content of the water on the entry site.

    7. Are you heading South this year? If so hope to see you there!

    Thanks for all your help, apologies about the length and number of my questions!


  • triNicktriNick Posts: 14
    1. Only did the race the 1st year when it was HOT, had a friend do last years race.

    2. The Westin hotel was closer to the race site, we weren't renting a car, so we wanted something close and nice

    3. There are usually 3 types of services from the airport in Mexico, taxi, multi-stop shuttle van, bus. We took the multi-stop shuttle van and had no problems with our bike cases. The Westin was the first stop on the route from the airport. They usually wait until they have a full load before they leave.

    4. Yes, but only 2 or 3 days before the race, we wanted the other days in our trip to be vacation days. We did as much training in the heat in Minnesota without killing ourselves

    5. The race has a broad spectrum of participants, from newbies to experience competitors. They had race officials, but not enough we thought to control some of the drafting that was going on. They did hadn out penalties, so they were doing as much as they could

    6. Yes, ocean swim, pretty protected area. It's calm until everyone gets in. It was shallow as well. I'm not 100% but I think they moved the swim down the beach but it should still be the same except for maybe the shallow part.

    7. We want to go back, but it looks like it might not be this year. We are actually looking at the new Longhorn Ironman 70.3 Austin race in Texas.

    The one minor issue we had was access to CO2 cartridges. You can not travel with them and yhey didn't have many for sale at the expo. The year we went the had one or two motorcylces going up and down the course with bike pumps because of that.

    Cancun is nice, friendly and a lot of people speak english. After the race we rented a car and spent the days down in Playa del Carmen, another resort city down the coast about 40 minutes.

    If you have any other question, just ask.

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