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first bike

i am soon to purchase my first race bike , what is the most important things i should conider before making my purchase ???


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    Fit fit fit

    Make sure it is The right size

    This is so so important

    Aside from that - double your spend, then add 50% more, buy carbon and your onto a winner.

    If cash is tight - sell stuff. E bay the wife - it doesn't matter.

    But above all else make sure it fits. Don't fall for the " your 6 ft 3 so you'll need a large" crap from 99% of retailers.

    I'm 6ft 3 with lanky legs ( 34 inch inside leg)

    I'm on a medium ( 56) road and TT frame - lots of seat post but a beautiful top tube length for my relatively short torso

    Shop carefully and good luck
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    1. As above Fit is key, you want to ride your bike, not want to get off it.

    2. As well as fit, choose a bike you want to ride, it may sound stupid, but as well as fit you want a bike, you feel that you look the business on. Don't get conned into buying a bike because it fits, but you hate the look of.Shop around.

    3. You can upgrade just about every part on the bike, buy what you can afford, then upgrade as you go.

    3. Shop around, after the success of Team GB, this year, the sales of bikes have increased, the novelty will wear off when the bad weather kicks in so their will be bargains to be had.

    4. Visit your local bike/tri club. Some members may have bikes for sale, so you can try before you buy.

    5. Buy with haste, resent at leisure.
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