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Turbo Trainers

Hi all,

New to the forum but have been reading a lot of the stuff recently. Bit of background - only decided to do a triathlon about a year ago and have been hooked ever since I started training. Looking to do a few half ironmans next year and then full ironman 2014.

Need to get a trubo trainer want to sepdn around £160, doesnt have to be the best but I reckon you can get a decent one for that. From reviews the Minoura V150 seems to provide decent resistance levels and is very quiet (needed) and have found it reduced from 209 to £155. Also looked at Elite Nova MAg but there arent any reviews....did have a brief look at cyclops but heard they are seriously loud so that is not an option.

I would like it to be quiet as possible but needs to have resistance - I dont cycle too much but am intending on getting into it in a big way. Dont have any cycling specific times but its only slightly worse than my running which is sub 36min 10k, 2.50 ish marathon.

Oh and I dont have enough space for rollers so before you mention them they are also a no go.
Any other suggestions?


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