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Best improvement purchased

Having recently got my hands, or rather feet, on a pair of Zoot race shoes in the sale, I was rather surprised to find a reduction in my 5km time of approximately 1:30, or to put it another way 6% overnight. Tried it over a couple of routes and the outcome was the same give or take, so what I wondered was, what are the best improvements purchased based on the percentage improvement divided by cost.

Zoot ultra TT £46 in the CRC sale = £7.60 per percentage point improvement.

What else should I be looking at getting?


  • Never had this happen.


    But WOW! I'm seriously impressed.

    *runs off to check out the Zoot range*
  • They worked in a race too, ran my fastest ever run split at Roade at the weekend, though they cost me 30 seconds getting them on in T2. Must remember to grease them a little next time.
  • Hi Latinobeat,

    How about Elastic Laces for you new Zoots!......By the sounds of it they will save you 30 sec which in a 2 minute transition would be a 25% improvement!

    And at around £5 .......That's an amazing 20p per 1%

    Sometimes it's the smallest things that bring the biggest returns!

  • Now that's the spirit! Unfortunately they have built in elastic laces. However a tub of Vaseline at £2 leading to a 25% improvement in transition really would be money well spent.
  • Latinobeat! on the subject of Vaseline/Lube!.... My train of thought went to getting something off!....No not that! ...My wet suit silly!

    I've always used Body Glide around my neck to stop any rubbing and this works well, but I have large calfs (Lower leg muscles, not young cows in the field) and have found I have difficulty getting my wetsuit off!
    Anyway, I done some research just before my last Tri and was put on to Suit Juice and so happend to find some in the expo @ London Tri, sprayed it over my lower legs, arms, neck,wetsuit inside and out and all over the floor in my transition area (oops!)

    Got out of the water after the swim and in a bout 10 seconds the wetsuit was off!!!!.......I had to do a double take just in case I imagined it!.........Brilliant stuff!!!

    Bit Pricey though at £12 per bottle ( might have been inflated price at the expo) but saved myself a good 30sec off the norm and there was no straining or fighting with the wetsuit at all! so in my opinion the half a bottle used was well worth it and it's supposed to be good for the wetsuit and helps clean it.

    So for £6 (half the bottle) and a saving of 30 odd sec in transition one = a 12.5% improvement Happy Days!

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    No way! What were you running in before? Flip flops or steelies...?

    Comfortable, well fitting trainers are essential to go fast; I agree that elastic laces are an absolute essential. Get a race belt too if you don't already have one.
    After that, in decreasing order of seconds per £ - aero bars, aero helmet, disc wheel cover, aero wheels, aero chainring...
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Best purchase, buy nothing, as the great Eddy M. said
    '' Don't buy upgrades, just ride up grades ''
  • Best free improvement that I found...watching a Jodie Swallw swim vid on youtube and trying to copy the technique. Went from 8min 400m to 7.15 and didn't train much either (got small kids so don't have spare time to put in loads of laps).
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