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moda mosso tt with american classic 58 carbon wheels

ridden 3 times - selling due to finacial terms.
great first tt bike - bikeradar scored it 4/5
comes with keo classic pedals , american classic wheels carbon ( 900 quid on thier own )
bike size 54 fits me at 5'10 i had bike fitted by spirit bikes Aylesbury.

will accept £1600.



  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Is this the bike that is £999 new but with different wheels?
  • Hi

    Yes that's correct I upgraded them when I bought the bike they are literally brand new I will uploads a picture -
  • I think he's saying the bike is £999 new or maybe I've misinterpreted the post
  • willieverfinish wrote:
    I think he's saying the bike is £999 new or maybe I've misinterpreted the post
    yes the bike is £999 on it's own and wheels are £900 pedals are about £70.

    so £1600 i think is a pretty good price .
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Seems pretty steep to me, that's why I wondered if any other upgrades.

    Bike with already decent American classics new for £999. I would think the upgraded wheels could be negotiated with the lbs at time of purchase. Overall price not much more than £1600 new.

    £1600 for all second hand compared to what other offers are on for carbon frame doesn't look a great deal to me.
  • Thanks for your reply Jimba, go get yourself a carbon bike with £900 wheels for £1600.
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Thanks, probably won't do that. I might go for something like the Merida a couple of posts down which is far better for only 200 more, or a new Mosso but not upgrade the wheels, or one of the PX stealths with deep section wheels new for £1599 which would be great for the vast majority of triathletes, particularly for those new to the sport.

    I guess that's the problem, so much choice, new or used.
  • Good luck Jimba , hope u manage to find a bike you like and get on with . Bike radar under TT bikes has reviews on most u can filter through years and write ups - happy racing
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