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Escape from Alcatraz Tri 2013


Anyone else luckily enough to get chosen in the 1st Lottery draw.

I got the good news yesterday, wondered whether anyone else on here is doing it, or for that matter done it before.

Wondering about the swim and how cold it could be, read on the web somewhere that sea temperature can vary froim 4-11 degrees, 11 is okay, but any less is a bit worrying


  • Hey, I got into Alcatraz also this year first time draw. First time to do it, I don't think it'd be as cold as 4 it's usually around 11 I think. Don't know if the earlier race this year would make much of a difference to it though? Have you accepted your place?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hey that's cracking news - look forward to the race reports
  • Mickytin wrote:
    Hey, I got into Alcatraz also this year first time draw. First time to do it, I don't think it'd be as cold as 4 it's usually around 11 I think. Don't know if the earlier race this year would make much of a difference to it though? Have you accepted your place?
    Mickytin, quality, i do hope the water is as warm as you say! Had a swim on the weekend temp was 10.5 degrees and found it a freezing!!!

    Just sorting out my flights and hotel, have watched the videos on YouTube looks like a lot of fun. Hadn't realised how expensive this was going to be, have over 160K BA air miles but they don't seem to do much
  • I did it in 2010 and happy to answer any questions you've got. The water temperature is fine, and no colder than most UK lakes. I wore a neoprene hat but was sorry I did. It's a fantastic race. You'll love it.
  • Congratulations on getting selected! I just took an Alcatraz clinic with Waterworld Swim last weekend and they were saying that the swim will be extra challenging this year because of the schedule change.

    The currents will be a lot stronger and that potato patch will probably get a lot of people stuck. Also the water will be a lot colder in March than June, also no telling what the weather will look like race day. It was 49 degrees last weekend (mid-50's in June). The training was well worth it...they took us down to the jump spot and they had us swim around so we can feel the currents. They took us by the potato patch (where most people get stuck), they had us swimming in the middle of the bay, then the final jump was the finish, where the currents are at their strongest (and where a lot of people get pulled out).

    They have these clinics monthly, so there should be one for February, and they are running clinics week of the race for out-of-town athletes.

    If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend joining one of the Sunday swims, they meet at 10am, the cost to drop in is $16. Those currents are something. Better to experience it before the race so you know what to prepare for.
  • Oh dear, I'm not local, I live in the UK.

    Your post has not inspired me with much confidence to be honest.

    Thank you for the warning, i can comfortably swim the distance its the temperature that concerns me the most.

    49 degrees Fahrenheit is 9.4 Celsius, I will have issues, I tired to swim in 8.5 and couldn't manage it.

    I was expecting 11 degrees which was mid 50s, to be honest it's not likely to get much warmer is it.

    I've paid for flights and accommodation now so I'm committed, brings a new meaning to the term "brick" training, LOL!

    Thanks again for the heads up!
  • I am so jealous, this race is definitely on my bucket list!!!
  • So, I've arrived. I was sat with two other chaps from Scotland on my flight from Heathrow, who were also taking part in the Triathlon (small world).

    I've been I'll for a week having caught man flu from an office hero, who decided to come to a half day meeting at work with the lurgy and duly passed it on!

    Went for my first swim this morning and was able to get my head in, was expecting it to be colder than it was.

    Here's looking forward to the end of the race and a couple of beers to celebrate
  • Hi, I was asked to post a race report.

    The build up to the race is quite something, I was one of the first on the ferry. Sat with some guys from Mexico who had both completed multiple ironmans / men.

    I had little idea of the sighting landmarks despite watching videos online, reading the multiple newsletters I received and attending the race briefing.

    Just before some kind soul pointed them out to me, thank you whoever you were!

    I jumped in (wanted to be a real man and dive but bottled it), it took 3 mins for me to get my head in properly. I wore booties, but one came off (i'd like to put this down to my strong kick :->>)

    A couple of people swam over me on a different line and one person even said sorry which was amusing. Anyway, made it to the beach in a time of 39mins 51s (my target was 40mins).

    Running to transition was a slight problem as only one boot, T1 in 10mins (which again was my target). The bike was a lot harder than I expected, I was panting quite early and appeared to be the only one, the pros were already hurtling back down to transition which was a little demoralising.

    Eventually the 18 miles was over in a modest time of 1hr 5mins 20s (5mins over my target), i was cold on the bike despite wearing glovers and my Sky cycle jacket.

    The run was for me the best part, I ran as fast as I could and overtook lots of people, walked up the ladder in 3mins 6s, ran the run in 59mins 11s (target was 60mins so spot on), saved quite a lot of time by not drinking except the very last aid station.

    Finished with the Mobot, collected medal then quickly phoned my parents, wife and the kids.

    I loved it, best triathlon I've done and hate to use the Americanisms, but it was EPIC and AWESOME, oops almost forgot, placed 227th overall.

    My little boy loves the medal and now onto Brighton Marathon, Bradford-on-Avon Olympic, followed by Wimbleball and about 7 other events.

    All the very best for the 2013 season

  • Nice work Gary. It's a great race isn't it? Earlier in the year than usual which no doubt made it a bit chillier than when i raced it in May 2010. Well done. You've experienced something that not many get a chance to.
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