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I've purchased the CEEPO Viper 2012 from Taiwan.

I've run into a problem that I think is either a design/manufacturing or a shipping one and I'd like you to help me find a fast and satisfying solution.

In brief, the cable hole for the front derailleur is in a place that doesn't fit the FD I have (SRAM RED) I've also tried several others (SHIMANO 105 and ULTEGRA) but none of them works.

The cable driver comes out at a place in the frame right underneath the derailleur. The wire will bend and/or touch the FD when connected.

I'm concerned whether this is a frame designed for Di2. I know early 2012 frames were ONLY designed for Di2. If it's, that's a big issue. I don't own a Di2 nor do I intend to buy one.

Did CEEPO Taiwan send an early 2012 frame???

How can I solve this problem? Any tweaks to the SRAM RED I could try?

I've emailed info@ and marketing@ as well as Megan (someone from marketing who replied to an enquiry few weeks ago) but no reply yet. If you know any emails, I'd appreciate that as well.

My next race is in 9 days.

Any help or ideas are appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Had a decent LBS look at it yet? They should have some experience in Di2-specific frames these days. Im afraid Im not Di2-compliant so cant help.
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    Has the thread author bothered to look back yet ?
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    did you ever get the problem resolved?
    did you buy the frame direct from Ceepo, or a company based in Taiwan.
    i've seen a few websites that are based in Taiwan and the prices on the bikes offered were ridiculously low, making me sceptical as to whether the frames were genuinely from the manufacturers advertised.
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    who cares...

    you should have bought it from your LBs anyway - you deserve what you get for buying from those chancers who specialise in flogging their crap

    you should have researched it more.
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