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Wheel Ugrade

I'm looking to upgrade my wheels, and I'm on a tight budget (or so I'm told).... has anyone got any recommendations ? .....I have a Pinarello FP1, is it worth upgrading the wheels ?


  • I put some Halo Aerorage wheels on my Giant Defy with Durano plus tyres and they seem to have been a good step up. Not too pricey, somewhere around the £200 - £250 mark for the pair. Reviews more widely are good and so far they have lived up to expectations and appear good value for money.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Ah yes the upgrade bug bites. simple answer is yes ... and also no.

    Depends where you are now and what you want to do, having said that the thing with wheels are first of all:
    Sticking to clinchers? Probably, we all start on clinchers many move onto tubulars but some also stick with clinchers, Chrissie Wellington for example.
    Alloy or Carbon? Depends on your budget.
    Alloy - fairly robust
    Carbon - takes the buzz out of the road

    Really need to know what budget you have but you would be needing to spend about £250 to notice any real difference which actually brings you into the price range of hand built wheels.

    I am afraid I am not much use as to specific wheels as I went from alloy 30mm clinchers to 50mm carbon tubs and saw a big difference in ride and speed http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPP ... ace_wheels not to be confused with the standard PX 50's these are quite different. V comfy, did 2 Outlaws on them and IMHO v good value and as good as you are going to get unless you go the big jump like I did and got Zipp Firecrest 606's but that is a whole new ball game, they cost an obscene amount (well £400 off retail) and they have been worth it, very fast, very stable - totally in excess of my abilities but helped knock of 10 mins on my Vitruvian bike leg.

    Anyway, back on track, lot of talk about aerodynamics etc which is v important but also the weight and the bearings make a big difference as well. At this time of year bargains are to be had so it is a case of trawling through Wiggle, Ribble, etc to see what is on offer. Joining a cycle or tri club is highly recommended as you will get oodles of advice and opinions.

    Upshot, the new wheels should be lighter than what you have, preferably a deeper section 34+mm have a look here as a starting place http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/pp/road-t ... thlon/whfr

    Sorry once again can't recommend any specifics but it's a start and hopefully will kick off a debate.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Gosh also forgot Chain reaction can get some good steals there. Just a case of searching and reading all the reviews - try this, US centred but a good pool of info http://www.roadbikereview.com/cat/wheel ... 90crx.aspx
  • This question is easily answered by buying these

    I need say no more
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Ah yes I was going to mention Flo's but forgot - oops Have very good reviews http://www.tririg.com/articles.php?id=2 ... ing_Review
  • Paul - was that of any help ?
  • Mi987Mi987 Posts: 2
    Somewhat late reply, but thought I'd mention a thanks for the advice, I'd never heard of the 606 setup before and it seems great.

    One question though please -what are the cross winds like, does it tend to throw the back out a bit? Reason for asking is that the fastest straight around my area is also the windiest so great to train on but I may need more guts than bucks first....

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Re crosswinds
    With the Firecrest 606's - 404 front 808 rear, rode Dambuster in v windy conditions, discs were banned, and no probs but then that is what I paid the premium price for, they were designed not only for slicing through the air but also coping with cross winds. With most deep sections (i.e. 40mm +) cross winds affect the front more than the rear as it has a direct affect on steering.

    Generally and from anecdotes a rear up to 100-110 is OK, on the front up to 50'ish excepting really hairy winds, it is something you get used to. I had no major probs with my PX R50's in wind, basically get chucked about as much as on sub 40 wheels - just got to 'suck it up'
    As contextual information for typical road wheels v. aerodynamic/deep section wheels, the average road wheel (25-30mm rim depth) requires 50+/- watts to sustain 30 mph. The average deep section wheel (40-60mm rim depth) requires about 25+/- watts to maintain 30 mph. For reference, 13.175 watts in power reduction translates to 30 seconds of time savings over a 40k distance, at a velocity of 30 mile per hour.
    from http://www.reynoldscycling.com/index.ph ... technology But then the RZR 92's cost £3.5K and my Zipp 606 Firecrests £1600 - diminishing returns - you will get used to it.

    A chap I know is getting the Flo wheels shortly which has the 'fat' section like the Firecrest sop will pass on the report when he posts.
  • Mi987Mi987 Posts: 2
    Value for money wise definitely = Firecrest, especially considering they're used as the comparison or the RZR 92, think I'll be a true widow if I forked out more for wheels than my car

    Thanks for the advice and references, has been hugely helpful!

  • GsterGster Posts: 4
    A great thread this one!

    Do people have any opinion on MadFiber wheels?
    They don't have a rider weight limit and reckon they are about 40 times stronger than others.....I'm interested as I am a definite Clydesdale triathlete /bike rider and would love a pair of wheeels that not only look amazing, but will stand up to the tests of time.

    Any advice would be gratefully received and appreciated.
  • I think madfibre wheels are sexy as hell but not for the heavier rider and £2500 is daft.
    Go Flo

    You can have every combo possible and still only spend about £1500

    Expecting mine soon.

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    What Flo combo did you go for?

    In my reading, owning their discs in the UK will be troublesome if you lose a spoke or they need servicing, as you are supposed to send it back to them in the US.
  • Flo front 60
    Rear 60

    Not too sure about the servicing issues TBH
  • Hi Willieverfinish,

    I have been considering the FLO's Myself, on getting yours would you be kind enough to give us a review on them? Would be very interested in you opinion of them.

    Did you go for the ceramic bearings?


  • Of course no drama

    Ceramic bearings yep

    They are getting superb reviews from what I can find. It's a shame he ordering process is slow and the price doesn't include import tax and VAT.
    Still dead cheap for what you get though

    Look the business IMHO
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