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Argon 18 E80 Custom Build TT Bike New

Built professionally by myself, Argon frame which retails at £900 is medium which will be good for people around 5ft6 to 6ft1. Dura Ace Shifters, 105 groupset, shimano wheels, fsa bars with Cannondale finishing kit, A chain catcher is fitted and all parts are 2012 spec. Unridden and built because I took the parts of another TT bike and bought a frame to fit the parts to. Steerer uncut. Its a new bike... any questions please ask

Leeds area








Review Below
http://www.argon18bike.com/documents/pd ... g_2011.pdf

£1275 ono


  • £1225 ONO
  • £1175 ono
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Is that the 2011 frame?
  • yes it is the 2011 frame but all the parts are 2012
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    So not £900 retail for the frame. More like £700. £900 is for the 2012 frame and shopping around a lot less than that.
  • The price on the tag from the frame the bike says £900, I assume this means it costs £900 to buy
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    The tag may say that, the fact is that it currently retails for a lot less.
  • Jimba

    I'm gonna jump in here. Ok , we get you think the bike is priced incorrectly. Unless your planning to buy it , rather than be inflammatory and try to ruin the blokes sale let it be perhaps.

    Those that may be showing an interest can find out for themselves if they are getting a good deal or not.

    Ease up on the guy. He's just trying to get best price for his bike.
  • thanks fella, I don't even think £1100 or so is a bad price for the bike and I don't think the spec is all that bad either. My Cannondale Slice 2012 cost me over £2.5k to spec it how I wanted and yes if he wants to buy it, make me an offer instead of trying to destroy my sale. i've seen second hand bikes going for a grand with similar spec and mine is a new unridden bike. here i go defending myself, wished i had never bothered now. instead of letting all the parts stay in a box and collect dust for god knows how long i thought i would have the fun of building a frameset up and let someone else have all the fun of the bike, with a small profit in the return for my trouble and let me assure you, its not a lot of profit
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Point taken and for the record, I don't think it is a bad price for what looks like a nice bike.

    My points were not in my view inflammatory. We all know a lot of people new to the sport come on this site and I was just pointing out that it was stated as specced to 2012 but with a 2011 frame.
  • parts are 2012, however the link for the frame does say 2011, thought that would be enough and obvious when read. somehow I don't think i will be selling this bike now on this forum so thanks mate
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    I thought my post was conciliatory, but obviously not, so you want to carry on:
    1 I only clarified facts
    2 Over 1300 views and no sale, tells you something
    3 you may not sell it on this forum as stated. Why, because I clarified something that was as you say obvious? Seriously?
  • Mr Wibble

    Bang it on e bay - it'll sell there
  • looks the most lightly place to go, i suppose wrong time of year to sell maybe
  • Nah you'll be fine. bung it on Tri Talk too.

    Stick a reserve on it on e bay and see what happens

    Good luck
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