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2013 races

Just thought I would let you know about our races for 2013, I know a few of you have done them in the past.

Our 2013 Leicestershire pool based triathlon races are open for entries, go to http://www.racetime-events.co.uk and click on the Events drop down menu for online entry and race info. First entry gets a freebie!

Desford Sprint Tri - Sun 31st March
Desford Junior Aquathlon - 31st March
Leicester Sprint Tri - Bank hol Mon 27th May
*NEW* Oakham Sprint Tri - Sun 30th June
*NEW* Oakham Junior Tri - Sun 30th June
POWERbreathe Desford Sprint Tri - Sun 4th Aug
Desford Junior Tri - Sun 4th Aug

Leicestershire Series consists of Desford Sprint - 31st March, Leicester Sprint - 27th May and Oakham Sprint - 30th June. Enter the series and your 3rd race works out at 50% off!! Plus series prizes.

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