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Which Turbo Trainer?

Which one does everyone recommend? Its not possible to try first, but would like one thats a smooth ride & under £150. :roll::roll:


  • JameslyJamesly Posts: 69
    Like you i'm looking for a turbo trainer and i've done some research - it looks like a Tacx T2500 booster (£122), Minoura Gyro V150 with remove control (£165), Minoura B60 R (£120) are all fairly decent and quiet! Not had any first hand experience of them but think these were in a review in the magazine a while back. Hope this helps
  • Bought a Tacx Sirrius on a recomendation. Its on its way...looking forward to it! £119 from Amazon + free delivery.
  • Ga3Ga3 Posts: 14
    I bought a Tacx Satori 2 years ago, was about £180 when i bought it. No idea how much they are now though.

    But i think its ace, next had any problems and a very smooth ride.

    I best get downloading some new films to get me through these winter turbo sessions!
  • Decathlon are selling a Tacx Satori pro Turbo Trainer with Tacx wheel riser block a Tacx sound deadening mat and a DVD for £129.99 and has a 2 Year guarantee. I have seen these sold in Evans for £200+ just for the trainer.
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