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Race Report Vitruvian 2012

ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
Bit late but as part of my re-commitment to the forum had to report on my A race for the year
Where: Rutland Water
When: 9th September
Organiser: Pacesetter events http://www.pacesetterevents.com/vitruvian-triathlon.php
Course details: Flat swim, undulating bike and and sort of flat run
Distances 1.9km Swim, 82km Bike, 21km Run
Marshalling: Lots and smiley particularly the lady with the cowbell on the run - quite fancied her
Facilities: Cafe that tortured you by deliberately wafting the smell of bacon as you do the swim
Technical: chip timing with nice soft strap, instant individual result/print at the end
Freebies: Quite a decent cycle jersey, Red Bull, High 5 mix, finishers T-shirt, medal

This was to be my A race for the year, goals set from my first Vit last year taking into account move to new age group 55-59.

Swim; improve from 44:43 to sub 42
T1; improve from 6:26 (had to strap up my knee last year) to sub 5:00
Bike; improve from 2:56 to 2:45 or better
T2; improve from 4:36 to sub 2:30
Run; improve from 2:17 to sub 2:00
Time, improve from 6:09:24 to sub 6 hrs (A goal 5:45 or better)
Placing; up from 628/1000 to top half and into top half of AG

Training plan went belly up when a chest infection stopped any cardio work from April to about June so no running, no swimming, no cycle/spin , all I could do was strength training. I still kept competing and strangely getting PB’s with this apparent lack of any training – what’s that about ?

Friday; registered, racked my bike and back to the Travelodge 15 mins drive away for what turned out to be about 5 hrs sleep.
Saturday; up at 3:15 and set off at 4:30 for the 15 min drive – straight into the road closure sign, 45 min later after taking a long diversion got to transition 15 min after it had opened, sorted out my kit. Bum wore my racing trainers so walked back to the car in my socks :roll:

End of part 1


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Part 2

    Ready for the beach start, 1900m swim, two laps Australian exit.

    Up to the first buoy usual argy bargy, got a kick in the face from a breast stroker then sorted ourselves out. Out of the water for first lap in about 21:21 about on pace, back into the water and felt much better this time around but b####s actually much slower.
    Time: 43:52, faster than 2011 but goal not met .

    Wetsuit off, sit down as bit dizzy, socks on, extra splash of sunscreen and gulp of carb/electrolyte mix.
    Time: 5:06, faster than 2011 but goal not met

    Trot to mount line, off! Up the exit road to join the A606, first 2k slight ascent, someone’s aerobottle on the road, two thoughts didn’t they notice its loss and why did they leave it? Serious risk of dehydration – strange. Quite a gaggle and worked my way steadily through. Then first descent, maxed at 62 kph then average 30-32 kph for next 3k to the first roundabout. Pace picks up to 38 kph then really piled it on to 49 kph ready to hit Rutland Ripple 1, snicking down through the gears to keep cadence up starting at 80rpm down to 48rpm, speed dropped to 14 kph, Ripple 1 cleared in 1m 50s. Hit descent max 64 kph then Ripple 2 1m 30s after cresting Ripple 1, 80rpm down to 48rpm, 9 kph, Ripple 2 cleared in 2m 11s. Crested max to 56 kph on descent then 4m 30s later Ripple 3 12kph 76rpm to 50rpm, 11 kph. HR topping out at 162 on the Ripples.

    Second roundabout, onto A47/A6121, 32-48 kph for next 15k, 65-80 rpm, occasional drop to 23-25 kph for ascents. From the start of the bike had been mixing it with some of the girls, the only way I meet women these days , in particular 921. Had a great cat and mouse and joke along the way. Bike was brilliant, mindful not to overexert heart rate average 140ish. Continued to work my way through the field, feeling quite content with how things were going Chi very much in balance.

    End of part 2
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Part 3
    Approaching Ketton, ambulance and race support staff slowing everyone down, didn’t rubberneck but presumed there was an accident.

    At 30k hit the climb up Steadford lane 43 kph to 34 kph for the corner then grind up the hill. Hydration going to plan and refilled between bars bottle at this point and a munch of chewy bar, gradually picked up speed to 41 kph.

    Left onto the A606, speed drops to 25 kph then series of 3 descents/ascents maxing at 54 kph, again picking my way through the field. Left into Rutland Water, end of first loop to feed station, tossed empty bottle and picked up fresh bottle stashed in cage on downtube.

    Time 1:20:25 – surprised by that as really hadn’t pushed it out at all.

    Next lap pretty much the same as lap 1 but just eased off a tad. Ripple 1 seemed easier than on lap 1 but Ripples 2 and 3 seemed harder but not reflected in the data as pretty much the same. 921 and the rest of the girls left this old git behind at this point and pretty much on my own for some sections of the A47/A6121. This seemed to bring out the nutters, bloke walked his dog across the road and seemed to be undecided whether he was going to walk on the pavement or stand in the middle and try to entangle the extending lead around my wheels – knob! Then later a car driver decided to do 3 point turn forcing me and other traffic to slow down - WTF. Road was getting busier at this time, slowed down by traffic at several points and had to stop twice and unclip, bum, but progress still steady.

    Refuelled again on Steadford lane, hydration plan spot on. No dramas, very boring last few K as nobody about. Into Rutland Waters and got a good cheer on the dismount.

    Time: 2:46:13, 10 minutes faster than 2011, goal achieved. Garmin summary; avg speed 29.2 kph, max 65.8 kph, average HR 140, highest HR 163, avg cadence 72 rpm.

    End of part 3
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Part 4

    T2: Feeling OK, take another gulp of carb/electrolyte. 2:26, 2:10 faster than 2011, goal achieved.

    Started off OK and according to plan, average 11 kph but after 3k heat really started to hit – oh dear. This run was hurting, next 5k tried to step it out but it wasn’t working. Said hi to team mates from Lincoln Tri and BCTTT team along the way.

    Stopped off at a portaloo for a wee, surprisingly a relief from the sun, mused that the portaloo looked like Tardis and would I be able to transport myself in time, realised there would be a paradox as if I went back 15min I could end up running the last 2k again and if I went forward 15min I would be just adding 15min to my time, yes well, think I need Jibby’s input there.

    Back to the run.

    Really a steady, hurty trot of survival. Goals were slipping away but gritting my teeth to try and retain some dignity. Very lonely for last few K, not many about so it was very hard going.

    Last 500m managed to up the pace a touch to 12kph, definitely not a sprint but got a good cheer coming in. Into the chute, ‘and here is number 772 John Williamson from Lincoln Tri – you are a Vitruvian’ .

    I was done, definitely nothing left, that was all on the course.

    Club members were staffing the finish and telling me to sit down, think I looked a bit drained. Got my medal and Tee and paddled in the lake to ease the legs. Met up with the guys from BCTTT and Lincoln Tri and all agreed the run was a world of hurt.

    End of part 4
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Part 5

    Run time: 2:15:46 – about 2min faster than 2011 but goal not achieved, too bloody idle, hadn’t got the training in. Garmin summary; average speed 9.3kph, max 14.3kph (must have been downhill), avg HR 141 (80% HR max), highest HR 165.

    Swim: 1min faster than last time but 1min slower than I wanted.
    Bike 2:46:13 10min faster, definitely flew on flats/descents but losing out on ascents.
    Run - HOT - disappointing 2:15:46 only 2min faster, had hoped for sub 2hrs, more work needed - idle John
    T1/T2 transitions 7:31, 3:30 faster

    Total 5:53:24 16min faster. Goal 1 achieved – sub 6hrs, goal 2 - 5:45 or better - not achieved.
    11/20 in age group, goal not achieved, last year 38/52
    528/1000 overall, goal not achieved, last year 653/1000.

    I like to compare my time to the average of the fastest 3 in my age group last year I was +33% of the 50-54 AG (+ 19.0% of the 55-59 AG) this year +16.9% and although every metric was faster I simply lacked the stamina and failed to hit my goals and just feel so disappointed.

    Next year I am taking no f####g prisoners and not accepting any excuses I will hit sub 5:45
  • That's a fabulous race review and is definitely nudging me in the direction of a Vitruvian shaped 40th birthday present. Thank for taking the time to post it.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    No probs

    My reports are quite detailed because they serve as a post race review for myself.

    Vitruvian 2013 sold out within 24hrs but they do release cancellations but you have to be quick

    A great race, you will enjoy it
  • I'll be looking at 2014, still hanging onto the last vestiges of my 30's, but thanks fir the heads up. It seems most of the really popular races go pretty quickly and we are yet to see the Brownlee effect!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Yes the Vit sells out within 36hrs, I got in within 8mins of entries opening and already there were about 30 names down.

    New event coming out next year, the Outlaw half and then lots of other mid distance events

    I think this distance is a good challenge and reckon you will enjoy it - definitely something to set your sights at - good luck and any questions just pop a post
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