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Winter training

So not wanting to let things slide here ... what do you folks plan to do during the coming months before the sun steps out with a smile, the birds sing and little bunnies peek out from their burrows at nature's wonder that marks the start of the tri season 2013? Do you have any other activities or races planned? Do you have any questions?


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    That's a good question! ..especially as i've done bugger all for the last month ..

    I'm looking to do a 50mile ultra earlyish season (if I can stave off the bugs for long enough!), and have started with a nice easy 7 miles to be done at least three times a week. Nice slow build There... I've said it now so it has to happen

    My triathlon club is part of a cross country league so we will be getting muddy this winter First one is the end of the month so I'd best get at least a couple more sessions in or i'll get left behind

    I'm doing a few beginner sessions for some local duathlons followed by a recce of the course, so i'll be getting my winter bike ready with mudguards/lights etc and have (unfortunately) already got my winter gear out for the daily grind to work

    Back to base for swimming with lots of drills.. and a few more drills,followed by some erm.. drills. I might put a couple of 'normal' laps in too.

    Not forgetting core and weight training.. nearly forgot those

    If anybody wants to pay me to go to a nice warm climate for a training week or two (or three) i'm game... no? oh well

  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    Going to be doing a bit of cross country running, both training and racing with my running club. I'm racing the evil sherriff duathlon in november and then it is down to training for the Half Outlaw which i've just entered this morning!
    Teaching spinning classes a couple of times a week ios helping to keep the cycling ticking over, just need to get in the pool a bit more (i've no excuse as i manage one!!)

    Really looking forward to next season as i finally seem to be injury free and back to a decent level of fitness, aiming for a good result in the half and hopefully get my 10k pb under 40min.
  • Aside from the Exmoor Beast 100 mile Sportive in a couple of weeks then the Winter Ballbuster I'll be ticking over with some gym work, running and safe weather cycling. might do a park run but tricky ad work ale ays gets in the way on saturdays.

    I really hope the snow and ice doesn't return.... It ruined all our winter road sessions.

    That said - I need to spend more time in the gym doing core stuff... Never done any before.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I need to get a grip of my running in particular 21k, happy enough with my 5k and 10k times, pretty much as fast as I am going to get but I really need to drop below 2hrs. My A races for 2013 are going to be the Vit and the Outlaw half so need to really get a grip of the run.

    Swim and bike is going to be targeted strength training and also continued core training; really dislike swim training so need to discipline myself with drills etc.

    By the way, fully appreciate there is a specific section for training but just thought I would post this to get some chat rolling and in particular encourage any newbies or anyone considering doing their first tri to get involved or ask any questions
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    I've been struggling with my running lately so am quite looking forward to some off-road running during the crisp winter mornings.

    I just love getting caked in mud and glar and coming home to a nice warm bath.
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    and I've already put my trainer tyre on my rear ready for Turbo time
  • Hi all,
    2012 Tri season at a close and Injury free! This time last year I was laid up following a calve tear on my last event of the year! swam in to shallow on the beach and got cramp in my calf it tore when I stood up four months unable to train Started training again from scratch in February building my mileage slowly (very frustrating when your heart shouts Faster Faster!).

    My two main events of this season were Liverpool and London virgin active olympic distance events, I had a personal best in Liverpool with a swim of 28:22 Bike of 01:09:51 Run of 49:10 T1 02:13 Lost about a minute after forgetting to put my race belt on and having to go back T2 01:25 Total 02:30:58 Gender position 175th age group position 32 Well happy!
    London swim 31:20 T1 03:51 Bike 01:01:16 even though I had to get off the bike and run through a slipery section and get back on which also ruined my dismount plan Came 71st though T2 02:36 Run 55:56 Shocking! had stomach cramps, was it the water? Total 02:34:57 Gender position 739 Age group position 154th
    Also In my regional Tri Club Championships I came 3rd overall and came 1st with the fastest bike split 01:10:05 over a challenging 40k route.

    Continued vvvvvv
  • Part 2

    Considering the start to my year I'm very pleased with how things went, My focus for the winter months will be my run and swim and in that order! I've just bought some trail running shoes and will be hitting the coastal path this weekend I've started joining the tri clubs coached swim sessions and have entered the Fire Service National Swimming championships (I'll come last! ) something to train for!
    Next years events see me stepping up to middle distance in june Outlaw Half here I come! August will be Fishguard Middle distance (first year for this event, entries open end of this month), and then the big one! Ironman Wales September 13th! My poor Wife! She is gonna be pissed off with Triathlon by the end of 2013! She is my No1 supporter! comes along to every event taking photos and cheering everyone on!

    Good Luck to everyone with their training this winter! Be careful! and no injuries!

    BTW loved your race reports John! especially the Nottingham 50!
  • Gym, gym, swim, run, swim is the plan with bike sessions when the weather happens to be OK at a weekend. This combined with joining the local Tri Club and getting some objective advice on technique is my plan for a step up in 2013. Have a trigger finger on my mouse for the announcement of Dambuster entries and will build the rest of my season around working towards that.

    Will try and keep away from pies too!
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Plenty of weekly Yoga and Pilates sessions.

    Regular foam roller sessions.

    Back to basics swim sessions (technique).

    Cycling Base sessions plus 2 midweek turbo workouts.

    MTB rides over the chase.

    Aerobic Run sessions with the odd XC race thrown in for fun.

    Might have a go at the "evil sheriff race" for fun

    Cant wait to get started.
  • I had a mini breakthrough this year, with a couple of top ten finishes (in low key events)....my aim is to concentrate on my swim technique as i am really bad at doing this usually...I've bought a snorkel and one of those gadgets that bleep in your ear, for pacing...seems to be working out ok so far, overall I'm just ticking over at the moment with easy swims, spins and runs....all about technique...I'm really enjoying it...last year I didn't really give myself a chance to recover properly and was really tired,pretty much all season...I've got a new coach setting my training programs, who's pretty good (Ex-World and European Age Group Champ etc) I wont give you his name though,as I know you guys dont like people advertising.....but personally I find having my program done for me, works really well...I'll keep you posted
  • for me whole winter training is about stretch, stretch and may be some more stretching
  • I'd just like to keep general fitness up! My local gym offers a 'Trifit' session on a Saturday morning, run by a qualified coach. It's a 7.30 start

    Like one or two other posters have mentioned, I should work on core. This is something I have never concentrated on before.

    I bought a cross bike to give that a go. So far, that's all it is, a purchase! Work has been getting in the way of even weekends! As Oscar Wilde (I think) once said "Work is the curse of the drinking class"!

    Finally, I would like to really improve my running. I have never enjoyed or got into running before, except for short jogs from one ruck to another on the rugby pitch! I would like to do my first half IM next year and the one I would like to do is the Wasdale, so a few fell races on the North York Moors will be tackled for off-road practice.

    Good luck to everyone!
  • Ga3Ga3 Posts: 14
    well i finished the season with a stress fracture in my foot, so plenty of swimming, turbo sessions and core work. Hopefully my running won't suffer too much for the start of next season.
  • Dan684Dan684 Posts: 28
    Hi all,

    Well having got a new bike finally the Tri season is over

    In preperation for the new season and my first Tri, i've decided to keep my old Viking Bike and train on that over the winter (weather permitting).

    I've gotten my 10km down to sub'39 so i've been toying with the idea of joining a local running club to keep on pushing that time down with faster runners than myself. Now the Open Water Sessions have ended at Salford Quays i'll be getting back into the pool trying to concentrate on technique again, as although I see swimming as my strong point I still realise that I need to get my water fitness back up to keep my technique in check when fatigue sets in.

    More than anything its the bike I need to get on as I know 100% that its going to be that that lets me down when I finally Tri ;-)
  • I ride cross. And I take my cross bike out in the snow and climb Mont-Royal a few times a week.I also have a trainer that I meet once a week. Nothing like getting a professional opinion on your fitness, and getting coaching to fix the areas where you're week. Cross training is always good for you.
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