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Ultrasound Scan

Hi All,
I'm Due for a Ultrasound Scan on my foot/ankle in a fortnight, I'm having it through the recommendation of my podiatrist, to see if I have something obvious going on in there, and specifically calcification of the Achilles tendon.

I've been having pain in my lower Achilles for about 2 yrs perhaps longer, I've been given orthotics and I've changed to fore foot strike in my running over the last 3 months and have seen significant improvement, also loads of stretching.
Where/when I do get pain it's where I have a clicking noise, it feels like I have a build up of pressure so I move my ankle and it clicks(makes snapping noise) and this seems to re-leave the pain/pressure build up, this clicking can continue for every step I take.

My Question is when I go to have this scan has anyone got any suggestions on what sort of Questions I should be asking the radiologist? or even what to look for?

Also has anyone had this sort of thing before?

Kind Regards



  • How big is the tear ?

    Where is it ? Posterior, anterior etc

    Tx (treatment) plan

    Will they inject steroids ? New methodology is injecting Dextrose ( Alistair Brownlee had this done as did a friend of mine - same olympic team looked after them both. He and she went on to win races all season)

    How old is it ? this may give you a clue as to how you injured it in the first place - about the same time you changed shoes, changed gait etc etc.

    Just make sure they know what they are doing. Id pay to see a sports specific dr - PM me if you are feeling rich and I'll put you in touch with the team that fizzed Alistair Brownlee and my friend - they dextrose inject and will get you back fitter, faster and stronger then any NHS team.

    Sadly - this is one area where it pays to pay.

    Good luck
  • Hi Willieverfinish,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my post, you have given me some good questions to ask myself as well as the specialists lol, I'll continue with the NHS for the moment dependant on the ultrasound scan and the Tx plan, and more importantly the progress of recovery! If I do feel that not enough has been done and my pockets need to be lightened I'll be in touch

  • Where is this clicking ?

    Could be a stress fracture too. Tbh it could be a whole range of problems. Good luck & et us know the results ( if you want too)
  • Hi Willieverfinish,

    The clicking is right at the bottom of the Achilles tendon at the same height as the ankle knuckles so to speak, It's hard to pin point it exactly but it's on the inner edge so no nodules or lumps can be felt on the tendon (which is a good thing), although it's been improving (following the use of orthotics and changing my foot strike to fore foot and stretching)I feel that the clicking is the cause and one of the reasons I'm having the scan to see if there is anything obvious going on inside!

    At the moment my running is the best it has been in years! but that's through training management, Keeping the mileage to a minimum, since changing my running technique I've managed to increase my mileage from 3-4 up to 8 miles! and enjoying it!......but I'm constantly thinking/feeling the strain on it making sure I'm not pushing too hard( frustrating when 5min over 10k could make a massive impact on my results and having to hold back Grrrrrr)!

    unfortunately it's taken over 12 months to get the appointment for an Ultrasound scan and about 3 years for my GP to take it seriously enough to refer me on to specialists! I've waited this long so a couple of weeks more for the scan and see where things go from there!......I might even start making a noise! lol

    I'll let you know how I get on....It's nice to know how things pan out!

  • Phil TPhil T Posts: 49
    Achilles injuries are notoriously frustrating and needs patience. A scan is the right thing to do and then that will go a long way to design a treatment plan. Nothing wrong with NHS physio's or podiatrists in fact they have their advantages. I work for the NHS and we enjoy seeing athletes as most of us have an interest in sport ourselves and we get good access up-to-date treatments. There isn't a magic cure so if an injection works for someone doean't mean it will work for you (hence the importance of a scan).

    Did you have the problem prior to forefoot loading? FF loading can irritate the Achilles/calf. Any lumps, swelling? What terrain do you run on? Any hills? Distance? Shoes? How often? Any problems with cycling? I'm sure you've been through this already.

  • Hi Phil T,

    Thank's for taking an interest in my post!
    Ok so, firstly It's nearly 4 months now since I've changed to FF(fore foot) running and my running has made a massive improvement!....yesterday I ran a 20k trail run without any real problems! (delighted)
    My problem with my Achilles has been ongoing for years! FF running has definitely helped.

    There are no lumps or swelling just tenderness to the inner side of Achilles.

    I've been prescribed orthotics witch help with a leg length discrepancy, these have also helped!

    I now run on a mixture of terrain to mix things up, and to give my joints e.t.c. a break on the softer ground (although there is a real danger of spraining an ankle as the trails I run are uneven ) these runs are normally slower as they demand a higher level of concentration! they are on coastal paths and are hilly but fun to run! up until a month ago I only ran on tarmac anywhere between 5-6miles, so again I've made good gains since starting trail running, I'll be back to 8 miles next week don't wan't to spoil my progress by making to big a leap in distances.....There are Hills everywhere here so not much option for flat runs except treadmill lol.

    I now use 3 different trainers!.....I use K-swiss Kona s I've used these for 2 years, since using them with orthotics they feel great!......since changing to FF running I bought some Newton Gravities, these are taking some getting used to but they are a comfy run shoe (look forward to fully adapting to these), only doing short runs on these at the moment, I also have a set of trail shoes which are a little on the heavy side compared to the other two, but they are designed for sole protection and grip rather than speed.

    I use my orthotics in all of the shoes.......I run 3 to 4 times a week with a long trail run on the weekend.

    No Problems Cycling, this is my strongest discipline, I do use a 3mm shim between my cleat and shoe though to compensate for Leg Length discrepancy.
  • In addition to the above, following a visit to my phisiyo therapist, she said she would like to use my leg as a pin cushion! and try some acupuncture! I'll give it ago!........She reckons I have over developed calves and that I'm as flexible as a plank! Hence all the stretching exercises she has given me!

    Anyway! hope this fills in the blanks.........I'm still waiting for the scan though hopefully it wont be long now, I know this is a bit of a bore of a subject but any help/info would be greatly received.

  • So as promised here's a brief update following the scan which was yesterday!....at last!

    Ultrasound scan took approximately 5 minutes in total yet it feels like it's taken forever to get to this point!
    But from what the specialist had to say things look positive and there's no calcification in the Achilles tendon and he stated that there was minimal wear/scaring and that it was in better condition than most peoples (personally I think he was exaggerating here lol), I've been given another appointment in January for a more detailed analysis.

    So at this time I'm feeling quite happy with the progress (all be it slow), my running is progressing as well, done a mixed terrain 9.5mile run the other day without even a twinge in my Achillies also just had my copy of Matt Fitzgeralds book Racing Weight 2nd Edition drop through the letterbox 20min ago literally!......so with some careful training and hopefully a new diet (If I stick to it ) by june the 2nd (Outlaw Half ) I should be on form!
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