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Turbo Trainer and Spinervals DVD/CD

I spent a great deal of time researching which turbo trainer to buy and had narrowed it down to two. In the meantime a friendly neighbour said he had one i could borrow, its an Elite and about 5 years old, no gadgets or gismos - just a plan old turbo trainer. I then bought a Spinnervals 'Mega Watts' audio CD off ebay - I cant recommend this highly enough - i consider myself to be pretty fit and by the end of the 45 min workout i was knackered and my legs felt like i had been on a 40 mile undulating ride! I have realised you dont need a switch on your handlebars to ramp up the difficulty, just change gears and away you go and you probably dont need to spend £200 + to get a good workout. I have ordered a Spinnervals DVD to try another workout. Highly recommended! I someone else has another Spnniervals or similar to recommend, please let me know.


  • Spinnervals whilst good are nothing compared to Sufferfest DVD's

    Seriously - you can download them or buy the actual DVD

    They are frankly the best IMHO


    Be prepared to work harder on a bike than you've possibility done before
  • Sufferfest is the way forward they are great.
  • JameslyJamesly Posts: 69
    thanks for the tip guys, which ones do you particularly recommend?
  • it depends how broekn you want to be.

    I enjoy Angels, and Hell Hath no Furry, but they are more style of riding. A very dark place is also good.
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