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Rollers or Turbo

Ok People...Which is the best option for winter/indoor training...thoughts please


  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    I have never used rollers but understand they are great for technique. But, need concentration! I love my turbo with or without a DVD, will do up to 2hrs at a time and don't think I would have the concentration for rollers for that long.
  • Thanks Jimba...Also, I live in a flat, and was wondering if noise transfer would differ that much.

    I dont really want to upset the other residents too much, but I need to be able to train when the weather is against me.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Noise with some turbos is an issue. I have only had one so can't comment on which would be best for a flat.
  • Hi Paul,
    I have a Cyclops Mag Turbo, It's set up in my garage as it's so noisy nobody else can hear anything but the Turbo when I first set it up in the house

    I have no experience of other Turbo's but at least you know to stay clear of this one, I reckon you'll be evicted/or worse (murdered by fellow residents) within a week other wise!

  • Thanks nigelworvell .....I'll cross that one off my list....maybe I'll have to set up under one of those cheap gazebo things, in the car park, shouldn't attract too many funny looks.
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Hi Paul

    In my experience 'every' turbo makes some noise. So living in a flat is going to be tricky as any noise will travel no matter how much you try to dampen it down. You could have a chat with them and find out when they are out to try and work around them a little.

    You might be better off (if you have unfriendly neighbours ) going to the local gym and do half hour warm up on the bike/running machine/whatever (if you can) then do a spin class and push yourself for an hour. That'll keep your nighbours happy and you will have gotten yourself a good workout too!

    Just an idea...
  • Thanks gavinp ...thats good advice...I am currently doing all my "Turbo" sessions on a spare spin bike, that is kept in the gym at my local leisure centre. I can get it set up pretty close to how my own bike feels...but I'd really like the convenience of being able to work out at home...
  • Mine is noisy bit since I have but it one foam matt it has made it a lot more quite
  • Rollers provide a more accurate feel as if your are riding on the road. None really require any maintenance. I use a Blackburn Ultra trainer and like it a great deal, its quiet, and it has progressive resistance, meaning that the faster you spin, the more resistance occurs Also, you can swap out the bearings and create even more resistance. Both are quiet, however the Blackburn takes up less space.
  • I think both Rollers and Turbo training have their place in winter training, it's more a question of what you're looking for. Is it more an issue of technique and skill building (rollers favor this) or high intensity / threshold workouts that you're doing (turbos favor this)?

    In terms of noise, with many turbos it can be an issue, but I've found that my Kinetic road machine lives up to the company's billing of "quiet, smooth". Very little extra noise, and good performance, even under serious resistance.
  • Thanks Iron Pigeon....I'll look into that one....the quieter the better.
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