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Pros and Cons Of Compression socks, can anyone help??

I am considering buying some compression socks but I have heard mixed reviews, any opinions would be great, Thanks!


  • I swear by Compressport calf and quad guards after hard or long sessions. Great for recovery. I don't wear them for racing or training but many people I know do. Worth it.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    +1 for calf guards, I use CEP but Compressport have a good rep
    Also use Nike Knee length compression running socks

    I've done 2 Outlaws, 2 Vitruvians and a 50k Ultra run with no probs with my calfs

    I would never train or race again without them
  • I use Skins A400 calf guards and don't have any problems during or after running. I sometimes feel a bit of cramp in my left calf when cycling, but then I don't always wear them when cycling and I probably should.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    As you can see a lot of people swear by compression gear. Joe Friel (see JoeFrielsblog.whatever) did a search of the scientific literature and the conclusion was that at best the jury is still out on proven performance benefits. Maybe like with energy/recovery drinks market etc "science" is being used as marketing rather than real performance benefits.

    Research comparing recovery methods found that a properly carried out cool down beats all including compression. This research looked at actual performance rather than perception.

    Some of the research I've come across (relating to lactate levels) actually goes against what is trying to be achieved by training in the first place. What other "benefits" are actual detriments? DOMS is really a positive body reaction for example.

    Until there is definitive evidence I'll work on the basis that the body is an incredible creation that is able to adapt to the stresses place upon it by becoming fitter to the task in hand and that artificial aids get in the way of such adaptions. We evolved over millions of years as active running animals without compression kit, or glutamine supplements or whatever so why should we need them now. By the way I do use gels and recovery drinks but only when I know they are appropriate because I prefer real food & it is usually better long term.

    Anyway, if you perform better in compression kit good then use it. You may find the money better spent on leaning about how the body adapts to training stresses though.

  • i bet cavemen had sore legs though.
  • if it helps I dont were are compression kit at all in races. had real issues with what i can call bulbling feeling in the calf.

    However I swear by my calf guards and my full legs ones for recovery. The doms are massively reduced. Based on my experince they are usless for me in races but for recovery and comfort after racing they are a must,
  • Ga3Ga3 Posts: 14
    I wear calf and quad guards in races and for recovery. love them.

    I wore the calf guards in the great north run this year and somehow during the manic start my left calf guard was knocked down...........i wasnt going to stop to pull it up. I couldnt tell the difference for the first 8 miles to be honest, but from then on I could tell my left calf was fatigueing quicker than my right.

    I use compressport and like i said before i think their amazing
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