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IM70.3 UK

A question those living in London and having completed IM70.3UK. How does the course compares in term of hills for the cycle and run leg with Ridchmond park and Boxhill (my two favourite training spots)?


  • I have no idea but you can view the profile either from the site or map my rid, you can then compare directly.
  • I have just ridden the Exmoor beast sportive in Devon. hilly ++

    Richmond park and Boxhill ( I live In Tadworth) are not hills. They are pimples comnpared to Wimbleball. get hill training. Seriously.

    Depending on what type of rider you are I'd consider a change of rear cassette - do you ride a double or compact ?

    Good luck
  • lukeflukef Posts: 6
    Oops. I am in for some serious hill work then. Thanks for letting me know. Any suggestions for a decent hilly training spot in the south east? Or should I plan a week in the Alps?

    I am riding a 50/34 chainring and 12/25 cassette. I will definitely change the cassette at some point.
  • Yep. Its not flat in that part of the world.

    Head over to Ranmore Common. Leith hill etc once you've ridden 5 loops of boxhill .

    Have you got strava ? Get it. Then you can see decimate improvement on climbs.

    And for get the alps... Go ride the actual bike course
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