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Garmin Swim watch

Does anyone one have one of these? Are they any good & clear to read? I have a poolmate but would like to see graphs & charts on laptop.


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    What does it do that a 910 doesn't ?

    Sell what you've got and get a 910. All in one. Sorted
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    I dont know how to use in laptop.I've used it now for a week and it counted 380 lengths on a 50 meter pool very accurately. It is very easy to use and read, and does exactly what it was designed for. Provides plenty of useful statistics and has many, many features. Love the week distance displayed below the time and date and also the inverted display when timer is paused since it prevents inadvertently swimming without recording. The ability to replace the battery yourself without having to send it to the manufacturer is a huge plus. It will also download using Garmin connect plenty of detailed data about each length, like swim time, number of strokes, average pace, etc. This watch will keep you motivated, it will push you to swim faster and perform harder!
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    Thanks for your replies. I have the 610 which I love & not going to sell to get 910. (can't justify spending so much on a watch!)
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    Thinking about it, it may be an idea to sell my 610 & Poolmate & get the 910. Any tips from hiding cost from husband??? :roll:
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    Good choice.

    Pay with the secret account that you have ( all triathletes have one) and he will never know.

    Or give a friend some cash and they order it, get it delivered to work, friends house so he wont find out.

    Or cash in store for a little discount.

    To "steal" money from your account ( if its a joint account) rather than withdrawing cash from the cash point and it showing up on the statement - jjst get cash back - then it'll show up as "sainsburys £46.50 for example - £40 of that is cash for your secret fund and £6.50 is for food shopping.

    There are ways.

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    Haha! You sound well practised at this, Willieverfinish!

    Anyway, there are two other options...

    You could buy the watch yourself and then not reveal the full price (I've done this on occasions)...

    Or as it's nearly Christmas, sit on Santa's knee, tell him you've been a very good girl and ask him for the 910!!
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    Ha Ha!!
    I'm well practised with bending the truth about how much things are! Yes I do have a secret account but theres no money in it! Selling stuff on Ebay always helps as that goes into said account!
    Definately a no no with asking santa for one.... Im worried about asking for a decent running waterproof jacket from him!
    I'll think of something.... :roll:
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    If you sell the 610 and Poolmate on ebay, loot stays in your Paypal account, look for a 910 and fingers crossed the seller also accepts Paypal or transfer the money to a friend for them to buy the 910 for you. Use the 910 clandestinely for a while to allow that 'new' look to fade and then disclose and if questioned declare got it for a steal as it was used. Or one of the other 'new shoes' strategies
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    Zacnici...you know me so well!
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