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Component Upgrades

I'm looking for some opinions on component upgrades, I have a few questions :-

Can I mix gearing components?....e.g. mix SRAM Red cassette with SRAM Force Rear mech?....if this is possible will it make much of a difference apart from the obvious weight difference? would it reduce rotational mass/weight? if so what are the potential gains?
I'm wanting to upgrade to SRAM Red but thought I'd do it bit by bit as and when I see parts on special offer, the bike I'm upgrading will have minimal use through the winter so there won't be much wear on the completed upgrade by the time spring gets here(supposing I finish a complete upgrade).

also I'm looking at getting a disc for the flatter courses! and was thinking of putting a SRAM Red cassette on that if it will work with the SRAM Force Mech, just in case I don't complete the upgrade.
Is it ok to do this?

Also, Creamic bearings!........is it worth upgrading these in my wheels and everything else? I'm running planet x 82/101 tubs, can I put ceramic bearings in these? and would there be significant gains?

If anyone can answer any of that it would be brill! ( I don't know if any of the above makes sence! my mind boggles sometimes lol!)


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