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advice on frame choice

Been doing OD triathlons for a few years now and been riding a Felt AR5 with Mavic Carbone SL wheels.
Have recently been thinking of going for a tri specific frame with a view to increasing to 70.3 and then full iron distance over the next few years.
Unfortunately i was taken off my bike this weekend. Bike is looking like a complete write-off, as am I...dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs, broken wrist, and cracked heel bone. 6 weeks minimum of being totally bed-bound is giving me plenty of shopping time to source a new ride.

Been looking at the following options;
Felt B12 with ultegra build
Cervelo P2 frame and then sourcing components and building up
Argon 18 E112 frame and building up.

Budget is gonna be about £2.5k so most likely looking at sale price 2012 models.
Was wondering if anyone has some useful inputs re: best frame, pros/cons of each etc, comments from owners of any of the above.



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Can only comment on the P2 and that is - beautiful - there is a reason it is the most highly represented bike at Kona.
    http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/cate ... 2-12-46588

    Light, fast, comfortable, soaks up the road buzz, accelerates quickly.

    My background:
    First tri - MTB
    Next season - Road bike
    3rd season - alu tri bike - Focus Izalco - loved that bike
    4th season - P2 - swapped components from the Izalco; same components definitely faster.
    This, my 6th season went mad and got some Zipp Firecrest 606's - awesome

    On it I have done Outlaw twice, Vitruvian twice, Dambusters, about 10 Sprints, and 1000km training

    Reckon on this year's Vit was in the top third of bike times so got to be happy with that.

    Felt B12, chum of mine has one, fast. Bike Radar says comfy on long distance as some flex but that doesn't stop my chum from putting down some fast Tri and TT times with his Zipp 808 front and rear disc
    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... 2-11-43314

    Can't comment on the Argon

    Suggest you keep trawling and see various comments about fit, you will need a fit so have a chat with a fitter.

    Hope that helps
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Trek Speed Concept...it makes sense!

    Only the Argon E112 out of that list would make my head turn...Cervelo...you'll spend half a day trying to find it T1/T2......
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