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Bike Maintenance (Beginner)

I've been recently looking at various bike cleaners and maintenance stands.
So far, and whilst my searches haven't been too extensive, I've decided on a Raleigh Folding Work Stand and have been looking specifically at Muc-Off and Green Oil for cleaning.

Could anyone help if there any other bike maintenance stands that are good value for money?
& if anyone could give me any pointers on which company to choose. As I'm very environmentally sound, but am also impressed by the range of products that Muc-Off provide.

I am expecting a little scolding, as admittedly, I've never really been aware or knowledgeable, of bike maintenance, or cleaning, beyond changing a tire. So any and all opinions and guidance would be appreciated.



  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Get your self the Big Blue Book of bicycle maintenance, 2nd edition.

    That will give you a good clue on what kit to get.

    Your local LBS (local bike shop), tri club or cycling club may offer beginners maintenance courses, which would be worth going to.
  • Does this book contain maintenance tips for all kinds of bicycles ? Actually, I wanted to gift one such book to my son who is passionate about cycling.
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