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Rucksack advice

Hey up, everyone,

In the December issue, 'Plan your perfect season', it recommends running to work. As it's only three miles from my house to work, running seems like a good idea and something I have previously considered but for one thing.

Could someone recommend a rucksack that would sit comfortably on my back that is held securely? The current rucksack, just your typical Adidas all-purpose 'sack, doesn't sit tight, so I then hold the straps and thus don't run as efficiently. It would need to be big enough to hold my pack up and gym stuff but not so big that I would look like I was about to tackle the Pennine Way unsupported.

Thanks everyone!


  • I've been using the Inov8 RacePro 18 for commuting. Good sized pack and it has optional 2L hydration bladder which sits around your waist inside the belt. The secret is to use the compression elastic to keep the contents from bouncing around and spend some time getting the straps setup to suit you. I've used it for up to 30km with no rubbing. Two side pockets in the waist belt are ideal for gels/salt tablets. There are larger and smaller versions but this one is good enough to carry kit for work, (phone, wallet, sandwich lunch, shirt etc). I wouldn't run with shoes in it and apples can be uncomfortable. Bananas just don't travel well in the bag
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    A couple of options here:


    I have the inov-8 racepro 12 which I use to run to work with. It's a bit small tbh for all the bits I want to carry to work (but also makes me take out things I don't really need...). I will go for a 20L one next time though.
  • Thanks for that, guys,

    I will go out this weekend and buy the Race Pro, probably 20l.

    I have already left shoes at work from the cycle commute as got fed up of packing panniers!

    All in all, if I can stop stuff bouncing around and then the whole bag bouncing around, I'll be happy.

    Thanks again.
  • ellaavaellaava Posts: 5
    you can get some latest and amazing idea's from some online shops..it will be good idea for you i must say...
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