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Dura Ace SRM Power Meter

Hello all

Today I'm selling my SRM Power Meter. It's about 18 months old and has been looked after very well.

Dura Ace 7800, 53x39, 175 cranks

The battery does need changing which will cost about £60 so because of this I've dropped the price to £900 (Plus postage which will be confirmed)

Included is the Power Crontroll 7 head unit, speed and cadence sensor and the power file software.

This is a great bit of kit and can help bring massive improvements to your cycling.

Pics here

Any questions please ask.


  • Hi just seeing if the srm power meter was still or sale? Is it all in good to order if the batter was replaced and would it need to go back o srm for that do you know?


  • WCPennWCPenn Posts: 2
    This has now sold
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