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New half distance....soulor/aubisque

New triathlon for 2013
End of season long distance triathlon also other distances and childrens something for all the family. Bike course climb the mythic cols Soulor and Aubisque. Organised by one of the biggest and best tri clubs in france, run by club athletes for club athletes.
for more contact details
la tribu 64
or greenbikepyrenees


  • Thanks Nick for this introduction

    To give a little more information about this new tremendous race :
    few words to tell you that a new triathlon is coming in french pyrenees !
    for those who wants to climb mythic climbs of tour de france !
    Long distance Soulor-Aubisque
    Date : 22 September 2013
    Location : Baudreix (64800, France)
    Distances : 1.9kms / 107kms / 20kms (1mi 32yd / 66mi 86yd / 12mi 75yd)
    Website : www (dot) triathlon (dot) latribu64 (dot) fr
    Description :
    Bike track included mythics climbs of Soulor and Aubisque (French Pyrenees)
    Subscription will open by January 1st 2013

    Website is not yet opened but will be very soon ...
    But you may have a look on bike track here : www (dot) openrunner (dot) com /index.php?id=2105291

    Hope to see you guys by next September ! Fall season is very nice in Pau's aera, and Nick a very good guide to discover the region
  • Website now live.......la tribu 64
    the ultimate challenge.......winter summer triathlon
    combine la pyrenean winter triathlon with the soulor/aubisque long distnace
    bon chance
    green bike pyrenees
  • Website is available "triathlon.latribu64.fr/en"

    Registration starts by next January 1st, 2013

    With a 50€ entry fee for a mythic long distance, dont wait too much !
  • Insciptions are now open
    For those who want a different challenge then consider the winter/summer triathlon challenge, two races pyrenean winter triathlon and the soulor/aubisque half distance.
    Two unique races, in the pyrenees.Value for money, probably less than the cost one uk race...
    more details contact Green Bike Pyrenees
  • •Tarifs :
    ?Du 01/01/2013 au 01/04/2013 : 50 €uros (+30 €uros non licencié)
    ?Du 02/04/2013 au 01/07/2013 : 75 €uros (+30 €uros non licencié)
    ?Du 02/07/2013 au 01/09/2013 : 100 €uros (+30 €uros non licencié)
    •Date limite d'inscription : 01/09/2013
    •Nombre limite d'inscription : 400 triathletes
  • nickg1964nickg1964 Posts: 20
    End of season long distance triathlon inc bike over the mythical col soulor/aubisque, if you,ve done the alpe d'huez triathlon then try this one..........special offer to 220 readers, for clubs or group of friends 6 entries for the price of 5......if you need accommodation or advice contact greenbikepyrenees for further information.............a superb race with a spectacular bike course and a few days in the unspoilt and calm region in the pyrenees for less than the entry fee to some races.....
  • a few places left
    a memorable end of season long distance race
    if you've done alpe d'huez, then try the soulor/aubisque
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