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new Triathlon iPhone App

Hi everyone -
I am a triathlete who also happens to be getting into coding iPhone apps and just published my first app, TriPicker,which allows you to enter an activity (swim, bike, run, or brick) a difficulty level (easy, medium, hard) and distance (sprint, olympic, half, or iron) and then get a random workout based on that criteria. I added over 1000 unique workouts (took me months to write - longer than the app itself!) and you can get over 6000 combinations. The app was born out of me sitting at my desk at work wondering what the heck workout to do for the day because I was sick of the same old loop at the same old pace. I hope some of you can check it out and please give me some feedback. I really would like some from other triathletes. A little about me - I'm a 3 time ironman triathlete that has also done tons of other distance tri's and several marathons, etc.
It's just a fun little tool that hopefully can help some other triathletes out that are kind of bored like I was. But please leave me some honest feedback - I would really appreciate it. Search in the iOS App Store for TriPicker.


  • Hi everyone -
    I wanted to thank everyone who has downloaded the app and to remind you all to give me some honest feedback after using it for a while. I know it's meant to be more of a fun tool than a serious training tool, but I do take what I wrote for workouts seriously so I appreciate anything you can tell me. I also want to reward your forum for being so great (got quite a few downloads from your area so I have to assume you guys are the ones rockin it) by doing a small giveaway. The first 3 people to claim these redemption codes can get the TriPicker iPhone app for free. You won't be able to leave any reviews in the App Store so please either write feedback here or leave feedback at my website - farmhouseapps. Thanks again everyone - it's great to get so much support from all the triathlon communities!
    Here are the redemption codes (to redeem, just put them where you'd put a gift card in the "redeem now" spot in the app store. It should automatically download at that point).
  • Hi, It sounds like a good app. Have you thought of making an Android equivalent?
  • mvmillmvmill Posts: 3
    Ah, sorry, not at this time. If that changes I'll be sure to post about it though.
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