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Hydro-mag Vs Fluid??

Think i've narrowed down my options to a elite chrono turbo but been slightly thrown by the two options between the elite chrono hydro-mag and the elite chrono fluid. Which ones better? Wiggle has them both on at about the same price at the moment but the hydro-mag has 40% where as the fluid has 20% off (so the hysor-mag is more expensive). Tempted to get the hydro-mag purely as its more expensive but also realise that ost doesn't neccessarily mean better!

Any thoughts?? Feeling sorry for my bike sat on the stairs missing going out so planning on getting one soon!


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I was stuck between those two as well.... In the end I didn't bother with either and bought the B-kool sport connect from wiggle instead. Well worth the difference and absolutely love it. Save your money and buy one ofthese!! I got nearly £100 off the price on wiggle, I'm a platinum customer so get the 12% discount plus I stuck in a promotional code for 10% off so got 22% off!!!! Whoop whoop
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