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French Riviera Training Holiday April 2013

If you're making new year's resolutions to do your first tri or a new PB, then kickstart the season with a week's training holiday in a fabulous location in April 2013. Have a look at the great coaches, great location and book now on SBR-life or reply to this post for more details.


  • JillJill Posts: 1
    Hi there!

    I did a couple of tris this year and i'm considering continuing with it in 2013. How will SBRLife help me? What level of training do you offer and what level should i be to attend?
  • Hi Jill,
    We welcome all level of triathletes, we are especially interested in the triathletes who have done a couple of triathlons and want to improve their swim technique, their transition and to learn how to get stronger and faster. Newbies are also welcome, but we do recommend a certain level of fitness. email me on [email protected] com and I'll send you a questionnaire to help us understand better your needs. The sooner we start working together, the more you will get out of a week with us in April. Happy training.
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